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Yeah Racing Shock Gear Shock Sets

Yeah Racing Shock Gear Shock SetsYeah Racing is excited to unveil their new Shock Gear touring car shock sets. The shock’s interchangeable pistons allow 3 damping settings as well as 4 rebound rate adjustments to fit different race surfaces and driving styles. They’re available in 50mm and 55mm lengths and blue, grey and pink anodized finishes. The Yeah Racing Shock Gear shock sets will start shipping later this month.

To cope with the need to change the damper piston from time to time, the shock gear have selected premium quality anti-leak o-ring to keep the damper oil in place. CNC machined high grade aluminum were used to build this high end damper set for maximum durability at the minimum weight.

The Yeah Racing Shock Gear aluminum shock set comes with 6 different damper piston for fine-tuning the rebound characteristics. The set of 3 general type piston allow you to adjust 3 different rebound rate where has the same depression and compression resistant. While the “V piston” featured a v shape damper oil tunnel which allows the compression rate differ from the compression rate for more precise tuning. For instance, a rear wheel drive RC can be benefit by a stiffer rear wheel compression rate to offset the weight transfer during hard acceleration while maintaining balanced depression rate throughout the whole car.

Yeah Racing Shock Gear Specs

  • DSG-0055BU – 55mm Blue Shock Set
  • DSG-0050BU – 50mm Blue Shock Set
  • DSG-0050PK – 50mm Pink Shock Set
  • DSG-0050GM – 50mm Grey Shock Set

Yeah Racing Shock Gear Pictures

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