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Home RC Car Parts Xtreme Racing Blackfoot/Monster Beetle Carbon Fiber Upgrades

Xtreme Racing Blackfoot/Monster Beetle Carbon Fiber Upgrades

Xtreme Racing Blackfoot and Monster Beetle Carbon Fiber UpgradesWith the re-release of the Tamiya Blackfoot and the Tamiya Monster Beetle, it was inevitable that at least a few upgrades would be released for them. Xtreme Racing is excited to unveil their carbon fiber upgrades for these two iconic RC vehicles. The new upgrades include a Carbon Fiber Front Shock Tower, Carbon Fiber Rear Shock Towers and Carbon Fiber Battery Supports. Each of the new upgrades are constructed from 2.5mm carbon fiber. Check out the pics below.


  • 11520 – Blackfoot/Monster Beetle Front Shock Tower – $28
  • 10522 – Blackfoot/Monster Beetle Rear Shock Towers – $20
  • 10521 – Blackfoot/Monster Beetle Battery Supports – $15


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