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Vintage Clod Buster Advertisement

Vintage Clod Buster AdvertisementVintage Clod Buster AdvertisementYou’ve seen the original Tamiya Clod Buster commercial, now check out one of the original Tamiya Clod Buster advertisements that was plastered all over the RC magazines back in the late 80s. Those giant monster truck tires, that amazingly scale and detailed ABS hard body, two durable axles each powered by its own electric motor, and tons of aftermarket support. What more could you possibly ask for? Back in the day, the Tamiya Clod Buster was everything and more! We’ve got tons of additional Vintage RC Car Ads in our RC Car Pictures Gallery. Go check them out!

The Clod Buster
The first thing that catches your eye are those mammoth tires. But that’s understandable. Any RC truck that sites on tires nearly 5 1/2 inches high will attract your attention. But the second thing, the most exciting thing to hit RC yet is the steering system. Four wheel steering. Only Tamiya has the guts and foresight to bring this technology to you.

Now. 4x4x4. 4 Wheel Drive and 4 Wheel Steering
Never before could you get so many advanced features in one package. Like dual motors for turf tearing power. Motors that can be switched to run in parallel for power climbing or in series for endurance driving. These motors are no babies either. Our 540 type motors alone set records for speed and torque. So imagine harnessing two of these brutes together. Each motor powers a set of wheels shod with huge crusher tires. So now you can run over even the largest obstacles or crush them in your dust. Add new excitement to your driving . Almost nothing will stand in your way.

4 Wheel Steering…a new direction in RC
You might expect a huge truck like this to be a little clumsy in the tight spots right? Wrong! The all new four wheel steering lets the Clod Buster navigate the narrowest ditches, squeeze around fallen trees, manuever on just about any terrain, wet or dry.

Heavy Duty Suspension
We’ve complemented this sophisticated new steering system with a ruggest link style single trailing arm suspension with rigid axles both in front and rear. The we damped it with not four but eight heavy duty coil spring shock units. If you like, upgrade them later with oil filled units. The Clod Buster’s engineering uprights are also super heavy duty, measuring more than a full 1 1/2 inches in diamter. Now that’s tough. See the 4 wheel steering Clod Buster at your hobby shop now and let the competition steer clear.


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