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Vintage Tamiya Blackfoot Ad


Setting the standards to power the industry
Churning mud and spitting rocks like a malicious monster gone mad, the Tamiya Blackfoot is the nastiest most powerful brute in the bog. He’s also the most beautifully detailed RC pickup, and the leader of the new generation of great looking, hot performing crusher pickups.

A deranged Ranger
This 1/10 scale Ford Ranger is all business and no compromise. Perched on its mammoth wheels and turf chompin’ tires that are nearly a full 5″ high, the Tamiya Blackfoot towers above the ground like a Goliath. It stands high enough to scale sharp inclines and stomp the stumps and bumps that strand lesser RC pickups. Single piece hubs allow quick assembly, low weight and maximum ruggedness.

Tall isn’t all
The Tamiya Blackfoot’s hefty ground clearance means it’ll climb most any obstacle. And Tamiya’s high output, high torque RS-540S engine pumps plenty of ground thumping power. While the Blackfoot’s heavy duty coil-dampened suspension – double wishbone in front, trailing arm in the rear – lets it effortlessly cut and dart with a nimbleness that bellies its size.

Other creature features
Tamiya has engineered the Blackfoot with attention to quality and durability. Like a sealed gear box to protect the drive train gears from debris and moisture., differential gears for tight corning stability and positive control on any type of terrain. And its one-source power from its BEC (Battery Eliminator Circuitry) gives you maximum space in the chassis with lower weight. For overall best performance we suggest you buy genuine, matched MRC-Tamiya ni-cads (not included).

The beauty at rest
Check out the lifelike scale and detail on the authentic undercarriage. Examine the carefully crafted chrome grille, the headlights, the doorlocks. From top to bottom, few RC reproductions rival it.

Don’t pussyfoot…get the Blackfoot
Add excitement to your hobby and take command of the Tamiya Blackfoot today. It’s a beauty and a beast…prowling in a hobby shop near you.

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