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Vintage RC Car Ads

They may not be the latest high performance RC car parts but there definitely is something about viewing vintage RC car ads that really brings back good memories. Below are over a dozen vintage RC car advertisements from such manufacturers as Traxxas, Tamiya, Thorp, ESP, Pro-Line, Dahms, Trinity and more! If you have any RC car ads from the 80s or 90s that you’d like to see featured here, please send them along.

4 Responses

  1. Turbo Mike

    Thanks for adding these! I had Thorp axles and gears in my Blackfoot back in the day.

  2. Static X

    Love the old ads, keep them coming!

  3. Hendricks

    Brings back great memories, thanks!

  4. adam12

    would love to see more vintage ae and traxxas ads

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