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VBC Racing Wildfire 1/10 Touring Car

VBC Racing Wildfire Touring CarVBC Racing is proud to announce the debut of their new 1/10 scale touring car the Wildfire! The new VBC Wildfire features a race bred torsional chassis developed for maximum performance on tracks of all sizes and layouts. The main chassis and upper deck were developed using a highly sophisticated CAD system which simulates actual chassis roll during high and low speed corners on various tracks. The chassis shape was then designed to provide enough flex for fast corners while remaining rigid in the straight line.

A narrow chassis design and adjustable low profile carbon fiber battery mounting system place the majority of the Wildfire’s weight close to centerline, the result is an increase in steering response and improved handling. To further improve the Wildfire’s center of gravity VBC chose to outfit it with low profile 3mm carbon fiber shock mounts, ultra smooth oil filled shocks and suspension mounts made of 7075 aluminum, a lightweight carbon fiber stabilizer plate and a precision machined 7075 aluminum motor mount with heat sink fins.

VBC left no stone unturned when they designed the Wildfire’s drivetrain. With the racer in mind VBC wanted to remove the hassle of adjusting the car’s belt tension. They came up with a simple system that takes seconds to complete. Just loosen a couple of 2.5mm screws and turn the car’s yellow tensioner ring to adjust the tension, then tighten the setscrews and you’re done! To increase driveline durability the Wildfire is also outfitted with hardened steel CVD driveshafts, lightweight belt sprockets, lightweight front spool and precision machined spool shaft.


  • USA Graphite
  • All 7075 aluminum parts
  • Rear slick gear diff
  • Front spool with harden spool cups
  • Full set rubber sealed ball bearings
  • Locking center 7075 aluminum shaft
  • VBC Racing formulated fiber mixed plastic parts
  • VBC Racing formulated super hardened screws
  • VBC Racing silk smooth front and rear belts
  • Super lightweight front bumper
  • Easy front and rear belt adjustments
  • Universal front and rear hardened drive shafts


Source: Team CRC

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