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Vaterra Glamis Fear Buggy

Vaterra Glamis Fear BuggyMeet the Vaterra Glamis Fear 1/8 Buggy! Inspired by the monstrously overpowered 4-seat sand rails that run the dunes of Glamis, the Vaterra Glamis Fear comes ready to run and equipped to handle all kinds of terrain. At the center of its design is a viscous ring diff that prevents wheel spin on loose surfaces when you’re cornering hard or hammering the throttle. It’s tough too, from the composite nylon chassis and oil-filled shocks to the waterproof electronics, the Glamis Fear buggy is built to let you go off-road in the real world. It features a waterproof Dynamite 70 brushless ESC, Dynamite 4-pole 3300Kv brushless motor and waterproof servo. The Glamis Fear comes pre-assembled and ready to run with a Dynamite Speedpack Silver 3000mah LiPo battery pack and balance charger.

VTV Differential
The Glamis Fear’s innovative VTV differential prevents wheel spin on loose surfaces when cornering hard or hammering the throttle. Its smooth actuation and consistent feel provide extra confidence over a variety of surface conditions. It is fully sealed and can be fine tuned using different weights of silicone oil.

Scale Details
The Glamis Fear buggy has just about any detail you would find on a full-scale sand rail. Simulated running lights, beadlocks, roll cage, wing – it has it all.

Rain or shine, mud or sand, the waterproof electronics and sealed bay lets you run in all kinds of conditions without worry.

55mph Top Speed!
The Glamis Fear buggy comes equipped with a potent Dynamite 4-pole 540 size 3300Kv brushless motor that delivers speeds of up to 55+ mph* when powered with the the optional 3S battery.

Bottom Loading Battery Compartment
The convenient bottom-load battery tray lets you quickly swap batteries without removing the body. It accommodates both 2S and 3S Li-Po batteries.

Vaterra will be introducing a line of upgrades for the Glamis Fear which will let you modify and customize it to your liking. Some of the optional upgrades include sand paddle tires rear, black wheels, aluminum shocks, sway bars and 3S battery packs.

Vaterra Glamis Fear Features

  • Innovative Viscous Torque Vectoring Differential lets you avoid tire spin in corners
  • 3300Kv Brushless power system equals more power and speed and that means more action
  • Water proof electronics let you drive in all weather conditions so you can have fun year round
  • Bottom load battery tray gives you easy access to change batteries
  • 2.4 GHz Spektrum Radio system means a high quality and low interference radio system
  • Designed for easy maintenance means less time at the workbench and more time in the dirt
  • Ride Height Adjustable, Oil-filled Shocks
  • Waterproof 2S-3S compatible ESC with high-current EC3 connector
  • Aluminum Motor Mount Provides Consistent Gear Mesh
  • Shock Absorbing Innovative Slipper Clutch

Vaterra Glamis Fear Specs

  • Length: 475mm
  • Width: 290mm
  • Height: 157mm
  • Ground Clearance: 50mm
  • Wheelbase: 347mm
  • Availability: September 2013
  • Part: VTR04001
  • Price: $420

Vaterra Glamis Fear Pictures

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11 Responses

  1. Jeff

    Looks like the exo terra

    • FastPede

      I can understand where you’re coming from but they are two totally different vehicles that just happen to be made to replicate a certain type of vehicle which is a sand rail. This is 2wd, the exo is 4wd. This is rear motor, the exo is mid chassis. The battery in this mounts vertically down the chassis, while the exo battery mounts horizontally. Etc etc etc

  2. Greg

    That is wicked! Cudos to vaterra for including a brushless motor and lipo pack.

  3. elon

    If I had somewhere to run this beauty I’d order one up right now.

  4. Very cool and Realistic.

  5. turk

    That is the best thing I’ve seen all year. I really hope Vaterra keeps releasing new cars because they’re on a roll.

  6. eric

    Where can i get one?

  7. eric

    does it include the sand paddles?

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