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‘Twas The R/C Night Before Christmas

‘Twas the night before Christmas, when at the hobby shop
The cars were running, in circles nonstop
The engines just sung, tuned with care
In hopes for a win at the nitro race of the year

The lipos were nestled all snug in their fireproof sacks
While the chargers pumped volts and the electric guys relaxed
The turn marshalls were helping with the utmost of care
As the racers kept crashing, parts flew through the air

When over in turn two there arose such a clatter
The racers turned blue as they saw what was the matter
The track had peeled away, carpet rolled up tight
A reindeer’s nose was seen shining so bright

Rudolph had arrived, crashing down like thunder
Hopefully Santa doesn’t notice, he’d be pissed at this blunder!
As he sat there and began to cry
He exclaimed to the crowd, I was just trying to fly!

Lucky for him, the big man had come home
Grinning ear to ear, no smoke from his dome
He exclaimed to all, it was about time to go
We’d better deliver these presents, before it begins to snow

They filled his sleigh with R/C cars of all size
To give all the kiddies a big Christmas surprise
They opened the doors and leaped into the air
The elves gathered around and began a loud cheer

All around the world and over every sea
They went house to house, filling under each tree
After a long night flying, they finally got back
And saw their present from Santa, it was a brand new race track!

We hope is that your holiday is warm and bright
Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!

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4 Responses

  1. Stampede X

    Happy holidays everyone!

  2. Rick

    Merry Christmas!!!

  3. Blackfoot88

    Happy holidays! I hope you all find your stockings filled with rc stuff!

  4. greg

    I hope all you rc’ers have a great christmas and awesome new year!

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