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Tuning the HPI Savage XL Octane Transmission

An awesome feature of the Savage XL Octane is its 3 speed transmission. When the engine is new and you’re still breaking it in, the Savage Octane may not pick up enough speed for the transmission to shift. So be patient and drive the Octane for at least two or three tanks of fuel before trying to adjust the transmission. After break in you should be able to hear the transmission shift from first to second and then second to third gears. The gear changes can happen very quickly so listen carefully for each gear change. If you cannot hear the transmission shifting then you may need to tune it.

To adjust the transmission, turn off the engine and pick up a 2mm hex wrench. Find the large rubber seal on the left side of the transmission case and open it. You should see two holes, the left one allows you to tune 2nd gear, while the right allows you to tune 3rd. Using your finger, spin the spur gear until you see the gap in the internal gear. Then hold the spur gear in place while spinning the truck’s wheels until you see the hex screws through the two openings. There will be upper and lower screws, the lower screws are the ones you want to turn to tune the transmission. To make either 2nd or 3rd gear shift earlier, turn the bottom screws counter clockwise. To make the the transmission shift later, turn the screws clockwise. Only turn the screws 1/6 of a turn at a time and then test your settings in the field.

For an even better understanding of how to tune your HPI Savage Octane’s transmission be sure to check out the video above.

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