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Trinity Formula X LiPo Packs

Trinity Formula X LiPo PacksIf you’ve been following our Facebook page lately then you probably saw Team Trinity’s teaser we posted last week. Well Trinity has finally revealed the details on their new Formula X LiPo battery packs. They feature a 100c rating, new low resistance bullet plugs, low resistance 10AWG wires with Deans connectors and all new cases. According to Trinity, because 80 percent of the parts used to produce the Formula X LiPo packs are high quality Japanese components, they should eliminate the possibility of the packs puffing.

Trinity Formula X Features

  • Formula X recipe equals a higher capacity for the same cell size
  • Lower resistance 5mm gold plated bullet plugs
  • Low resistance 10AWG wires with Deans connectors
  • Higher grade, safer materials produced in Japan
  • Cell has lower damage rate from high impact crashes
  • New assembly technology, limits “cell puffing”
  • No price increase
  • Hard Case
  • ROAR Legal

Trinity Formula X Specs

  • REV2018-5 – 1S 7100mAh 100c with 5mm bullets – $77
  • REV2020-5 – 2S 7150mAh 100c with Deans – $147
  • REV2021-5 – 2S 7150mAh 100c with 5mm bullets – $147
  • REV2022-5 – 2S 5000mAh 100c Shorty with 5mm bullets – $123
  • REV2023-5 – 2S 6250mAh 100c Saddle with 5mm bullets – $150
  • REV2024-5 – 3S 6000mAh 100c with Deans – $168
  • REV2017-5 – 4S 6950mAh 100c with Deans – $182
  • REV2206 – 5mm bullet connectors (1 Pair) – $4
  • REV2207 – 5mm Bullet Connectors (6 Pair) – $23
  • REV2208 – 5mm Hi-End gold plated bullet connectors (1 Pair) – $7
  • REV2209 – 5mm Hi-End gold plated bullet connectors (6 Pair) – $40
  • REV2210 – 5mm battery to 4mm charger adapter set – $10

Trinity Formula X Pictures

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