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Traxxas X-Maxx Monster Truck

Traxxas X-Maxx Monster TruckMeet the new Traxxas X-Maxx RC monster truck! The X-Maxx features a totally new design that dwarfs every monster truck released by Traxxas thus far. It comes equipped with the 6S lipo compatible Traxxas Velineon VXL-6S waterproof brushless electronic speed control and a Velineon 1600XL Big Block brushless motor that can propel the X-Maxx to speeds over 35 mph! Other features of this nearly 30″ long monster truck include giant 7.4″ long GTX threaded aluminum shocks, full time 4wd with steel CVDs, limited slip silicone filled steel differentials, massive 8″ all-terrain tires, a clip-less body mounting system, a fan cooled slipper clutch and much more! Check out the rest of the Traxxas X-Maxx features, specs and tons of pictures after the jump!

Modular Chassis Design
The new Traxxas X-Maxx RC monster truck features a unique interlocking modular chassis design that keeps the motor and gear drive together as a unit to virtually eliminate gear crunching chassis flex. Plus the design provides easy access to critical components making any maintenance or repairs a snap.

Massive Grip
A truck the size of the Traxxas X-Maxx needs tons of grip and that’s exactly what its super agressive 8″ tires provide. They’re glued to a set of high tech looking 6 spoke plastic wheels with 24mm splined wheel hexes and 17mm wheel nuts.

Monster Travel
Achieving the X-Maxx’s huge suspension travel, tight turning circle and incredible strength required hundreds of hours of modeling, development and testing to package all of that capability in these sophisticated components.

GTX Shocks
The X-Maxx’s long travel suspension is supported by four enormous oil-filled threaded aluminum GTX shocks. The large oil volume dissipates heat for all day shredding while an integrated wiper seal keeps the shafts clear, reducing seal wear for a long life.

Shock Towers
The XMaxx introduces Traxxas’ exclusive new shock tower design which offers a rigid triangulated structure and authentic off-road looks that fill the wheel wheel openings of the truck. They also serve as convenient carry handles and provide support for the X-Maxx when placed upside down for clearing. With a truck that weighs nearly 20 lbs there is no doubt these built carry handles will be quite useful.

Motor Mount
The all new X-Maxx motor mount design cradles the truck’s 4-pole 1600Kv brushless motor so it can’t flex on the mount. Gear mesh is held firmly in place by keyed pins so there’s no need for tricky adjustments. Eliminating flex means longer gear life even in the most punishing conditions. Features include high strength steel suspension pins that won’t come loose, 4mm pivot balls, and an adjustable roll center.

CV Driveshafts
The full time 4wd in the Traxxas X-Maxx is driven by high strength steel CVD driveshafts. Differentials are oil filled and limited slip with all steel gears for the most durability possible. Differential outdrives are splined for incredible strength and they center bolt to the diff for easy cleaning and service. Splined wheel hexes eliminate axle pins which usually create a weak point in the axle shaft.

Slipper Clutch
You won’t have to worry about damaging the X-Maxx’s drivetrain thanks to its fan cooled slipper clutch. The unique slipper design features a dual fan arrangement for enhanced cooling. The slipper absorbs shock loads to the driveline, giving the X-Maxx the strength to blast full throttle across the most challenging and rugged terrain.

The Traxxas X-Maxx features a newly designed high torque steering servo with a built in finned aluminum heatsink. The quick steering and tight turning circle, combined with advanced suspension geometry, gives the X-Maxx nimbleness and control that is unexpected in such a large RC truck.

Impact Cusions
The X-Maxx’s front and rear bumpers feature energy absorbing impact cushions that help soften blows to make this truck even more durable in demanding situations.

Driveline Protection
The Traxxas X-Maxx features a driveline that is completely sealed inside the chassis for worry free running safe from rocks and debris.

Self Righting
Before the X-Maxx was introduced, RC monster trucks would sometimes roll over upside down, bringing the action to a screeching halt. Now you can just press a button and in most cases this exclusive patent-pending Traxxas innovation flips X-Maxx back over onto its wheels so that you can quickly get back to having fun.

Clip Less Body Mounts
Traditional clip and post body mounts are a thing of the past. The X-Maxx features an innovative body latching system that scures the body firmly, is easy to use and extends the life of the body.

Wildly over-powered, X-Maxx RC monster truck stays true to form with its Maxx DNA. 6s 22-volt dual-LiPo muscle and a Velineon 1600XL Big Block motor propel X-Maxx with brutal authority and an exacting quickness that completely defies its enormous size.

The X-Maxx comes ready to run with a TQi radio system with 5 channel micro receiver that features the Traxxas Stability Management system. BEC voltage and motor temperature sensors come pre-installed.


  • Length: 29.84 inches (758mm)
  • Front Track: 21.26 inches (540mm)
  • Rear Track: 21.26 inches (540mm)
  • Ground Clearance: 4 inches (102mm)
  • Weight: 19.1lbs (8.66kg)
  • Height (ride): 13.79 inches (350mm)
  • Wheelbase: 18.92 inches (480mm)
  • Shock Length: 7.4 inches (187mm)
  • Tires: 8.0×4.0 inches (203mm)
  • Wheels: 4.3×5.7 inches (110x145mm)
  • Release Date: December 2015
  • Part: 77076-4
  • Price: $799


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