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TLR 22SCT 2.0 Short Course Truck Kit

TLR 22SCT 2.0 Short Course Truck KitCheck out the next step in the evolution of Team Losi Racing’s championship winning 22 platform, the new TLR 22 SCT 2.0 short course truck kit! Key features include revised front and rear suspension geometry, hard anodized 7075 T6 aluminum chassis, Gen II aluminum shock bodies, CNC machined shock pistons, TiCN shock shafts and hinge pins, improved 22SCT 2.0 body, optimized ball differential and more!

Updated Suspension Geometry
The TLR 22SCT 2.0 includes an updated front suspension geometry will help racers of all skill levels go faster. Revised caster blocks and spindles make the truck easier to drive around center without sacrificing any of the corner speed. They also allow the rear end to squat under throttle so you can accelerate faster. In the rear, a wider arm and less off-set on the rear hub make it possible to change direction more easily and make faster exits from the turn.

Bell Crank Steering
The new bell crank steering system now has bearings that improve steering response and eliminate slop. Ackermann angle has been reduced for more control on corner entry. This improves low-speed steering while making high-speed steering less sensitive and easier to control. Racers also have more flexibility in adjusting Ackerman than with a traditional rack steering system.

Option Parts Included
The TLR22 SCT 2.0 includes an impressive collection of option parts that make this a team spec kit right out of the box. The optional parts include an aluminum rear camber block, aluminum 22SCT +.75 clamping rear hexes, aluminum ball stud spacers throughout, Ti-Carbo-nitride threaded front kingpin, and Ti-Carbo-nitride threaded rear outer hingepins.

Adjustable ESC and Battery Mounting System
Making its debut on the TLR 22SCT 2.0 truck is a rear battery tray with a removable ESC shelf. This lets you mount the ESC directly to the chassis when running a shorty LiPo pack or move a full size pack forward to lower the center of gravity in the rear. If you mount the shelf in the traditional ESC location, there is plenty of room for a full-size LiPo pack to fit underneath. This will move a higher percentage of the weight to the rear for looser tracks. An adjustable rear battery stock allows you to quickly adapt the battery tray for shorty or full-size LiPo packs. It also lets you mount them in forward, middle or rear mounting positions using no more than two battery foams.

Gen II 12mm Big Bore Shocks
The TLR 22SCT 2.0’s Gen II shocks keep operating friction to a minimum without leaking or weeping oil. This keeps suspension response consistent and significantly reduces maintenance. They deliver a plush ride near the top of their travel but still provide plenty of bottoming resistance when landing big jumps. Updated parts include longer shock bodies and shafts for increased suspension travel, CNC machined 2-hole 1.6mm and 1.7mm pistons, CNC machined O-ring and guide bushings, new silicone X-ring seals, Ti-Carbo-nitride coated shock shafts, aluminum bleeder screw shock caps, over-thread upper shock seals, and finer shock body finish.

Optimized 22 Differential
The ball differential now features all new components that improve performance and durability including tungsten carbide diff and thrust balls, larger OD diff rings with surface ground finish, heat treated thrust washers, Gen II, one-piece diff nut, outdrive with 2nd operation ring surface machining and centering pins on the main diff gear.

New TLR 22SCT 2.0 Body
Aggressive lines give the TLR 22SCT 2.0 body more attitude. It’s also shorter which decreases high rolling body weight and increases ground clearance. It is molded from tough 1.2mm polycarbonate with fewer deep pull areas in the rear bed. This, along with the improved rear ground clearance, substantially improves the body’s durability. Scribe lines in the hood and bed show where to make cut outs so air can freely flow through the body during large jumps.

Hard Anodized 7075-T6 Aluminum Chassis
The strength and managed flex characteristics of 22SCT 2.0 chassis make it perfect for competition. Additional milled pockets shave more than 10 grams from its weight without sacrificing any of its strength. The added pockets also let you mount the servo and ESC lower which in turn helps lower the truck’s center of gravity.


  • Length: 21.15″ (537.15mm)
  • Width: 9.72″ (246.9mm)
  • Height: 7.28″ (184.9mm)
  • Ground Clearance: 1.98″ (50.3mm)
  • Wheelbase: 12.72″ (323.0mm)
  • Track: 11.63″ (295.5mm)
  • Front Track: 11.63″ (295.5mm)
  • Rear Track: 11.59″ (294.5mm)
  • Part: TLR03003
  • Price: $340


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