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Home RC Car Parts TLR 22/22T/22SCT Aluminum Pivot Block

TLR 22/22T/22SCT Aluminum Pivot Block

Team Losi 22 22T 22SCT Aluminum Pivot BlockAre you looking for another tuning aid for your Team Losi Racing 22 buggy, 22T stadium truck or 22SCT short course truck? Then check out the new 2.5-degree low roll center rear pivot block! This pivot block reduces your rear toe-in, reducing tire scrub on straight sections of the course and increases top-speed. This also frees up the rear end of your vehicle, providing more rotation. For 17.5T class drivers this is something you will definitely want to experiment with!



  • Part: TLR334003
  • Price: $14.99

Team Losi 22 22T 22SCT Aluminum Pivot Block

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