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Testors Kills Pactra RC Paint Line

Pactra Paint RCThe end of an era? If you’re like us you’ve been using the Pactra line of RC paints since the first day you stepped into this hobby. Unfortunately Pactra’s parent company Testors has announced that it will be discontinuing the paint line along with Floquil and Polyscale, which are used in the train hobby, as well as Colorartz craft paint. Testors cited the reason for this change being the shift in the RC hobby from kits with clear bodies to ready to run vehicles which come with pre-painted bodies. The company will be closing a 115,000 square foot facility located in Rockford, IL and gone with it will be an unknown number of jobs. Its remaining workforce will be relocated to a 27,000 square foot facility just up the road. You have to wonder who will fill the void left in the RC hobby by the demise of Pactra. Read the full press release after the jump!

For over 80 years, we have provided premium paints and finishing systems to the craft and hobby industry. Today, we announced that we are transforming our business in order to more effectively address the changing needs of our consumers and their interests.

Weve made the decision to exit the following businesses within the Testor Brand family – Pactra, Floquil, Polyscale, and ColorArtz. This will enable the Testor Corporation to return to our foundation of success providing premium, innovative product that inspires creativity. We will continue to accept orders and ship product for a limited time based on available quantities.

Going forward, the following brands will be critical to our success and development Testor, Model Master, and Aztek. These brands will be infused with marketing support, innovation and operational efficiencies.

In support of this, we have announced a consolidation of operations at our Rockford facilities. Over the next several months we will provide updates critical to your order and delivery needs as well as product availability. We assure you there will be no disruption to service during this transition. Our commitment to the Testor brand has never been stronger. By implementing these changes, and the ability to leverage all of Rust-Oleums world class services, we are more strongly poised to take your business to the next level through product and merchandising innovations, and increased customer intimacy.

Many of you have expressed disappointment regarding our decision to exit Pactra. As RC trends have changed, with more bodies coming pre-decorated and ready to run. The dynamics of the category has changed. This ready-to-run trend is the primary reason we have decided to exit the category. We hope that you will continue to enjoy the other product lines that Testor has to offer.

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5 Responses

  1. Tima

    That truly is the end of an era!

  2. SlashNitro

    Sad sad day for sure, I used pactra paint on every one of my rc projects for over twenty years.

  3. Tom

    That is a poor excuse Pactra! Sure the ready to run market has probably had a pretty big impact on the rc paint industry but the reality is every single RTR will need a replacement body at some point and those usually come clear and need paint. If Pactra couldn’t make money selling paint to that market that just shows their lack the lack of brains. Thats ok as much as I liked their paints I have no doubt somebody will come along to fill the void.

  4. Defan

    I always liked tamiya paint better anyway.

  5. Static X

    Screw you Testors!

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