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Tekno NT48.3 Nitro Truggy

Tekno NT48.3 Nitro TruggyTekno RC rounds out the updates to their light of high performance RC vehicles with the release of the NT48.3 Nitro Truggy! Ryan Lutz took an impressive 2nd place in the truggy class with the new truck at the 2015 ROAR 1/8th Fuel Nationals, which is no easy feat. But there is no doubt that the long list of improvements and new features on the NT48.3 helped him out. The NT48.3 is faster, nimbler, easier to drive and incorporates some forward thinking that breaks the mold of what a nitro truggy is supposed to be. Check out the list of new updates after the break!

Tekno started the updates of the NT48.3 with a brand new chassis. The ET48 and NT48 proved that moving weight forward results in better cornering so we eliminated the rear engine configuration from the NT48.3 and concentrated on optimizing the handling and flex characteristics of the front engine layout. This improved the gear mesh between the clutch bell and new 46t spur gear and also helped to calm the rear of the car.

Another area that received an update was the braking. Larger, fully CNC machined, hardened, and ground discs replace the old parts. Improved semi-metallic brake pads are now separated by springs to ensure the brakes are only engaged when you want them to be. The biggest change made to the brakes however, is with the linkage. The new Tekno NT48.3 also comes with an all new brake system designed for better consistency and easier brake bias adjustments.

The NT48.3 rear hubs allow the option of using the stock CV axles or upcoming universal driveshafts. We now also offer the rear hubs in aluminum as an option. At the front of the vehicle are new trailing steering spindles and spindle carriers. The trailing components vastly improve high speed bump handling in addition to smoothing out the steering response. The vehicle initiates turns more predictably and finishes corners better than ever before. Larger bearings are now fitted to the front spindles for improved durability. The spindles will also accommodate upcoming universal driveshafts.

The Tekno NT48.3 V2 hinge pin braces have found their way into the new kit. They provide more adjustability than ever before. For example, changing the roll centers at the hinge pin is now an easy task and allows you to set up the vehicle for any track conditions. Front arm sweep, kick-up, rear anti-squat, and rear toe are all adjustable.

A Tekno low profile wing mount is included to lower the CG of the whole vehicle. A revised front bumper increases front ground clearance. Straight camber link rod ends were produced to improve consistency in corners. Clamping spring perches and new shock boots are included to keep the shocks clean, smooth, and trouble free.

Finally, the Tekno NT48.3 box setup has been tuned by some of the best drivers in the world to give racers a vehicle that they can confidently drive in most conditions. With the extensive list of adjustments and improvements, it is easier than ever to tune the NT48.3 to your driving style and track conditions.

New Features

  • New revised chassis
  • New clamping spring perches with captured shock boots
  • New rear hubs
  • New trailing front spindles and spindle carriers
  • New V2 hinge pin braces and inserts
  • Low profile wing mount
  • Revised bumper for increased ground clearance
  • New straight turnbuckle rod ends
  • New easily adjustable droop screws
  • New brake linkage for easier adjustments and more consistent braking
  • New revised 46t spur gear
  • New brake pads and discs for unparalleled durability and consistency
  • Updated setup sheet for improved handling


  • Part: TKR5406
  • Price: $650


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