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Home Offroad RC Team Xray XT2 2018 Edition Stadium Truck

Team Xray XT2 2018 Edition Stadium Truck

Team Xray XT2 2018 Edition Stadium Truck
Team Xray is proud to present the new XT2 2018 Edition RC stadium truck! This new all in one concept includes specific parts to build the XT2 for particular track conditions on either carpet or dirt. Those parts include gearboxes and motor plates allowing positioning of the motor in upper or lower configurations, ball and gear differentials, two different hardness suspension arm options, composite and graphite rear shock towers, both types of composite battery straps, and both types of mounts for the upper brace. Other features include a new graphite chassis side guard braces, new secure steering linkage mounts, new shock absorber lower shims, new shock o-rings and new suspension pin washers. Check out the rest of the details below.

Gear Box
With the Uni-Platform concept both Carpet and Dirt gear boxes are included in the kit to tailor your Team Xray XT2 2018 Edition to particular track conditions. For the Carpet Edition, the gear box with front motor position is used; for the Dirt Edition, the gear box with mid motor position is used. Carpet gear box – lowers the top shaft and moves the motor further forward in the chassis to improve steering and handling on higher-traction surfaces. Dirt gear box raises the top shaft and moves the motor closer to the differential, improving rear grip in lower-traction conditions.

Gear Differential
Offers increased on-power steering that is beneficial on nearly all types of tracks, but is especially great on carpet and astro turf. The super-smooth gear diff includes a composite case and cover with internal satellite gears precision-molded from special XRAY-developed graphite composite material, ensuring long lifespan and super-smooth efficient operation.

Ball Differential
Recommended for very-low to medium-traction dirt and clay surfaces. The externally-adjustable ball differential is machined from HUDY Spring Steel and is additionally hardened for extra durability and long lifespan. A high-quality carbide thrustbearing and carbide balls are included for ultra-smooth operation. The ball differential comes factory pre-assembled.

Motor Plate
To accommodate either the Carpet or Dirt gear box, two different motor plates are included with the Team Xray XT2 2018 Edition to fit each particular gear box. The black-coated Swiss 7075 T6 aluminum motor plate holds the slipper clutch assembly as well as the gear box, and features an adjustable motor plate position. To reinforce the assembly, the motor plate is connected to the upper brace mount via a motor plate brace.

Shock Towers
With the Uni-Platform concept, the Team Xray XT2 2018 Edition includes two different rear shock towers. Composite Front shock tower include multiple shock positions.

Upper Brace
To improve front chassis flex, the Team Xray XT2 2018 Edition front composite chassis braces were redesigned and shortened to allow for mounting all-new graphite side guard braces for better stability and performance. The upper brace is also part of the Multi-Flex system which allows flex adjustment of the front of the car for particular track conditions.

Suspension Arms
Team Xray XT2 2018 Edition suspension arms are the result of long-term testing of different designs and layouts. Length, thickness, flexibility, geometry, and materials used… these are all part of the concepts and details that are thoroughly reviewed to create optimum suspension arms. The suspension arm itself is rigid enough to provide a responsive feel, yet soft enough for extreme durability. The exclusive composite mixtures used for suspension arms are a perfect balance between reliability and performance. With the 2-in-1 Suspension Concept, the XT2 includes two different suspension arms suitable for particular track conditions.

Steering System
To increase the reliability of the steering system the universal ball features a backstop that ensures that the linkages will not disconnect in a crash. The dual-arm steering system is very simple yet effective. The steering system is fully bearing-equipped with 8 high-speed ball-bearings for very precise steering. Ackermann is easily adjusted by quickly & easily changing the steering link mounting positions on the steering plate. Further Ackermann adjustments may be made by inserting shims on the steering plate, and changing various graphite extension plates on the steering blocks. Bump steer is easily adjusted for more aggression by inserting a shim between the steering block and steering linkage.

To improve the precision of the shock shaft movement, the Team Xray XT2 2018 Edition lower composite shim was redesigned and updated with a more accurate and precise mould design. The shocks are membrane-free, yet they still allow for easy, consistent building and rebound setting using the bleed-screw shock cap design. The aluminum body, lower nut, and bleeder shock caps are all machined from premium Swiss 7075 T6 aluminum. Shock rods are machined from special steel material, precision hand-ground for maximum smooth operation, and additionally hardened for improved lifespan.

Battery Strap
Changing batteries is quick & easy with the included battery strap with aluminum nuts. The battery pack can be installed either frontwards or rearwards, and the included foam spacer helps to ensure the battery pack will not fall out. The chassis layout allows the use of either short packs or saddle-pack batteries. The included composite battery is suitable for low-, medium- and high-traction tracks. An optional adjustable graphite battery strap is suitable for very-high traction tracks and suggested especially for carpet racing.

Side Guards
Side guards are an integral part of the XT2 Multi-Flex system. Moulded from medium-hardness composite material, the Xray XT2 2018 Edition side guards make the chassis frame flex suitable for the majority of track conditions. There are two different chassis braces available – medium (included) and hard (optional) – which are suitable for particular track conditions
The included side guards are moulded from medium-hardness composite and make the car faster in corners. An optional hard-hardness composite moulded braces give the car increased stability on jumps.

Chassis Brace
The Xray XT2 2018 front lower chassis brace is another component of the Multi-Flex™ system that influences flex and handling. There are two different chassis braces available – medium (optional) and hard (included), each suitable for particular track conditions. The brace is mounted directly to the chassis to hold the entire front assembly and front suspension, including the front protection bumper. An optional medium-hardness composite molded brace is suitable for low- and medium-traction tracks. The included brace is moulded from hard-hardness composite and is suitable for high- and very-high-traction tracks.

Upper Deck
As a part of the Multi-Flex system, the Xray XT2 front upper deck is used to adjust chassis flex. There are two different upper decks available – medium (optional) and hard (included), each suitable for particular track conditions. An optional medium-hardness composite upper deck is great for low-and medium-traction conditions. The included brace is moulded from hard-hardness composite and is suitable for high-traction and very-high traction conditions.

With the XT2 2018 Edition there are two different gears configurations. 3 gears configuration – increases stability, provides higher corner speed and more effective braking but has less chassis roll. 4 gears configuration – increases traction and has increased chasiss roll but brakes less.

Easy Diff Access
Access to the rear differential is super easy. By just releasing a few screws on the rear cover of the gear box, the differential can be easily taken out and inserted back inside without the need for further disassembly. Smart engineering.

Slipper Clutch
Power from the motor is transferred to the drivetrain via an externally-adjustable central slipper clutch for quick & easy tuning. The 3-pad slipper clutch ensures super-smooth clutch operation and efficient and consistent braking. It is very easy to make ultra-fine adjustments to the clutch externally. The slipper clutch pads are made from ultra-efficient SLS material with very high slip efficiency, thus allowing very precise slip adjustment. The lightweight slipper plates are machined from premium Swiss 7075 T6 and additionally hardened before a final black surface treatment. The plates have a machined relief which decreases the friction surface to assist with clutch slip adjustment. With this plate design, pressure is focused on the circumference of the clutch pads for increased efficiency.

Spur Gear
Precision-molded spur gears are made from XRAY’s exclusive secret blend of composite material, allowing the gear to run true yet be robust enough to handle high-performance brushless motors. The spur gears are designed to have the lowest possible weight while staying strong and light. Each gear is stamped with the tooth number for easy identification. The XT2 is equipped with an 81T spur gear which suits the majority of tracks. For additional tuning, optional 75T, 78T, 84T and 87T spur gears are available.

Drive Shafts
XT2 constant velocity drives (CVDs) are manufactured from world-renowned HUDY Spring Steel™. The drive shafts are some of the world‘s thinnest yet most durable drive shafts used in electric off-road cars. Hardened with a proprietary hardening process, the drive shafts provide unbeatable lifespan and reliability.

Correct suspension geometry is one of the most important features of any RC model car, while at the same time being one of the most difficult & challenging features for a designer. From the suspension arms, through the suspension blocks, to the light yet robust steering blocks, every suspension part has been carefully designed for the 1/10 off-road racing platform to provide responsive racing characteristics in all conditions.

I.S.S. Suspension Holders
The aluminum suspension holders feature Integrated Suspension Settings (I.S.S.™) which allows for quick & easy suspension geometry set-up. Using eccentric suspension bushings – which are inserted into Swiss 7075 T6 aluminum suspension blocks – as well as additional shims and turnbuckles, the XT2 suspension geometry can be completely adjusted.

Caster Blocks
The XT2 stadium truck caster blocks are very lightweight, yet their construction makes them very stiff & rigid. Caster can be adjusted with values 0°, 2.5°, or 5° using included caster bushings. There are two different caster blocks available: medium (optional) and hard (included), each suitable for particular track conditions.

Steering Blocks
The tiny-yet-tough steering blocks are comprised of composite steering blocks and graphite Ackermann extensions for variable Ackermann positions. The composite blocks are moulded from a special composite mixture for maximum strength. There are two different steering blocks available – medium (included) and hard (optional), each suitable for particular track conditions.

The super-compact rear uprights feature 6 different upper roll center positions. The rear uprights feature 0° toe to ensure stability and to prevent suspension geometry changes in hard crashes. There are three different uprights available: medium (optional), hard (included), and aluminum (optional), each suitable for particular track conditions.

Roll Center Holders
Both front & rear suspensions feature adjustable suspension holders with multiple roll center positions. There are three roll center holders available: medium (optional), hard (included), and aluminum (optional), each suitable for particular track conditions.

Wheelbase & Weight Balance Adjustment
Outer suspension pins holding the front caster block and rear uprights feature wheelbase shims for quick & easy wheelbase and weight balance adjustment. Using included shims in rear and in front, both front and rear blocks can be moved forward or rearward to adjust weight balance depending on track condition. By moving the arms to the front, the balance & weight of the car are transferred more to the rear; this is recommended for medium- and high-traction conditions. By moving the arms to the rear, the balance & weight of the car are transferred more to the front.

Wheel Hubs
Ultra-lightweight 12mm wheel hex drive hubs are CNC-machined from Swiss 7075 T6 black-coated aluminum. These ultra-true hex hubs have a clamping design which ensures ultra- solid mounting of the wheel on the hub. The rear alu hex hubs are specially machined to reduce rotating weight while guaranteeing wobble-free wheel mounting. To adjust track-width, optional offset wheel hex drive hubs are available.

For maximum reliability, all of the Team Xray XT2 turnbuckles are manufactured from special HUDY Spring Steel material for turnbuckles which features a tougher core. These turnbuckles are used for front & rear upright linkages and steering system.

Front Lower Arm Mount
The lower composite arm mount is an important part of the chassis where the lower arms mount, and the block has an integrated 26° kick-up angle. Optional aluminum and brass arm mounts are available for further weight balance adjustment.

Shock Pistons
Shock pistons are made from Delrin and are molded using ultra-high precision moulds. All-new 2-hole pistons (1.6mm and 1.7mm holes) are now included in the set.

Shock Springs
The XT2 springs have been specifically designed to complement the shocks. The XT2 springs, like all other XRAY springs, are manually measured, selected, and matched into pairs to guarantee precisely equal length and damping characteristics. There are two types of springs offered.

Body Mounts
Beefy 6mm thick body posts are made from special composite material that provides maximum strength but sufficient flex to reduce body post breakage in hard crashes or if the car flips over. The body supports are rounded to have a better fit and provide better support to the car body. For ultimate tuning and adjustment, XRAY offers optional body height adjustable body posts which allow the independent front & rear body height adjustment by +1mm or +2mm.

Anti-roll Bars
Anti-roll bars used to stabilize the car are manufactured from spring steel material. The included front anti-roll bar is mounted to the front body mount and can be easily adjusted via linkages. In specific track conditions when the rear of the car must be stabilized, an optional anti-roll bar (#362400) can be easily installed. The anti-roll bar is mounted to the rear roll center holder and can be adjusted via the included linkages. Anti-roll bar wires of different thicknesses are optionally available for fine-tuning; the wire thickness is laser-engraved for easy identification.

Body & Wing
The XT2 body features high-downforce areas (including front window and top roof flow channels) for proper air flow, and side downforce areas for higher stability. The high-performance, low-profile aerodynamic body was designed by XRAY to perfectly fit the XT2 and work in most track conditions. The body is made from high-quality premium Lexan material. Effective rear wing was designed to work perfectly with the XRAY XT2 body. Made from strong Lexan material, the wing is supported on the wing mounts by extra flat shims to better support and extend the life of the wing.


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