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Team Xray XB8 Buggy 2015 Edition

Team Xray XB8 2015 EditionBased on the ultra-successful XB8 platform, Team Xray proudly presents the 2015 spec XB8 which incorporates the latest improvements and refinements. New additions include an updated aluminum chassis, side guards, aluminum shock towers, diff outdrive adapters, steering ball joints, air filter, shock pistons, shock springs, medium clutch springs and reinforced pivot balls. More pictures and information on the new Xray XB8 2015 Edition after the jump!

Newly-redesigned XB8 chassis has a more rear flex which helps to generate more traction. The chassis is CNC-machined from 3mm high-quality Swiss 7075 T6 aluminum, which is strategically machined in low-stress areas and then anodized to make it as light as possible without affecting strength or rigidity. Non-essential material below the engine, fuel tank, and differential was removed to allow for the lowest possible center of gravity and appropriate chassis flex. Weight distribution, chassis width, and chassis length have a key influence on the handling of the car. All of these features were incorporated into the design of the chassis. All screw holes on the bottom of the XB8 2015 chassis are countersunk, allowing for a very smooth chassis underside with no protruding screw heads.

Side Guards
Side guard reinforcement ribs were removed to generate more flex and traction. The tough composite side guards protect the car, muffler, and fuel tank from side impacts. The side guards perfectly fit the chassis and seal against dirt. Ribs on the left side guard protect the fuel tank from muffler heat.

Shock Towers
To increase the reliability and lifespan as well as improve performance, the XB8 2014 graphite shock towers are replaced with new aluminum towers that are CNC machined from premium Swiss 7075 T6 and then additionally coated. The stiffer aluminum XB8 2015 shock towers, together with new shock positions, improve the performance at high-traction tracks. Optional graphite shock towers offer more flex and generate more traction, and are recommended for low-traction tracks.

Diff Outdrive Adapters
The Xray XB8 2015 Edition’s longer diff outdrive adapters ensure that the drive shafts will not fall out in extreme crashes at full steering lock. To reduce rotating weight, the super-lightweight diff outdrives are machined from HUDY Spring Steel which allows unnecessary material to be removed from the outer part of the outdrives to further reduce weight without affecting durability. The inner portions of the outdrives are additionally hand-ground for maximum precision and fitment into the diff case. The outdrives are hardened using HUDY’s own special hardening process to provide extended life time and reliability.

Shock Pistons
New 6, 8 and 10-hole pistons have a new improved design with a better-sealing fit in the shock bodies, which gives improved landings and makes the car more stable.

Air Filter
To minimize the dust getting into the air filter, the XB8 2015 air filter cover mounting positions were modified and improved. The smooth-flowing, efficient air filter is made from two parts. Air filter oil is included as standard. The universal rubber elbow allows fitment to most standard 1/8 buggy engines.

Shock Springs
New shock springs improve the stability of the car and make it easier to drive. XB8 2015 springs have been specifically designed to complement the big-bore shocks. These XRAY shock springs, like all other XRAY springs, are manually measured, selected and matched into pairs to guarantee precisely equal length and damping characteristics.

Pivot Balls
The front upper pivot balls were reinforced to improve front suspension reliability in serious crashes. XRAY Multi-Flex. The invention of XRAY Multi-Flex Technology has resulted in some of the most significant milestones in RC model car development in the last decade. This innovation has not only resulted in awards and accolades, but has proven to be a distinct competitive advantage at tracks worldwide, helping XRAY cars dominate races at local and national levels. XRAY off-road cars were the world’s first off-road cars incorporating Multi-Flex adjustment technology, which allows tuning of chassis flex for different track conditions. It doesn’t matter if the track has low, medium or super-high traction, you can adjust chassis flex to suit track conditions in a matter of seconds… and then re-adjust flex easily if conditions change. It has never been so easy to professionally set up flex. Yet another smart innovation from XRAY. The more screws used, the stiffer the car will be; the fewer screws used, the softer the car will be.

Chassis Weight Balance
The layout of the electronics and position of individual sections of the Xray XB8 buggy were designed with optimum weight distribution and balance in mind. During the design and prototyping phase, several different layouts were tested and an extensive amount of data was collected, compared, and evaluated by the factory team before the final design was chosen. The engine is positioned parallel to the chassis centerline, and the center differential is positioned to allow the central drive shafts to be as straight as possible.

Radio Plate
The 1-piece electronics assembly is very compact and can be quickly & easily removed for servicing and cleaning. You need only to remove a few screws from the bottom of the chassis to remove the entire electronics assembly from the car. The large molded radio box features a very clean design and layout that places the weight in key areas for proper balance. The batteries are placed along the centerline of the chassis in the front, and the lightweight receiver is placed on its side at the rear. The easy-to-access radio box is mounted on the side of the car and is secured by the fewest possible screws.

Pivot Ball Suspension
XRAY Pivot Ball Suspension XPBS is a uniquely innovative concept, and smart R&D design. The ultra-robust pivot ball suspension has integrated suspension geometry adjustment, with different kingpin plates being the only optionally-available tuning parts.

Steering Blocks
XPBS steering blocks are unique, innovative, smart… an authentic XRAY innovation. The XB8 steering blocks feature the following integrated geometry adjustments: The steering block consists of a super-lightweight composite steering block and stiff Swiss 7075 T6 kingpin plate. The steering block is mounted via massive pivot balls into the upper & lower arms. The upper pivot ball is mounted into an adjustable upper ball joint and via roll center shims to the kingpin plate; this assembly allows camber and upper roll center adjustment. Using shims of various thicknesses, the upper roll center can be adjusted quickly & easily. The lower pivot ball is mounted into the steering block via an adjustable alu nut and composite bushing. By adjusting the pivot ball, both track-width and camber can be adjusted.

Rear Uprights
The ultra-tiny XPBS rear uprights are unique, innovative, smart… an authentic XRAY innovation. The rear upright consists of a super-lightweight composite upright block and stiff Swiss 7075 T6 mounting plate. The uprights were designed to have the smallest design with minimal weight, yet be strong enough to survive rigorous impacts. The upper roll center plate has a unique design that allows easy changing of roll center position. The roll center plate features 2 roll center positions, so by placing the plate the opposite way another 2 roll center positions for super-fine tuning are available. The roll center shifting is in range of 2.5mm. The roll center height of the upper camber link can be adjusted via shims of various thicknesses. The composite upright features 2 lower roll center positions.

Suspension Additional Weights
The smart design of the Xray XB8 steering block & rear uprights allows for the mounting of optional weights. To increase the stability of the car, optional brass weights can be mounted directly under the steering blocks and/or rear uprights to further lower the CG. Easy & smart… totally XRAY.

Front Upper Suspension
The front upper suspension is part of the innovative and unique XPBS suspension concept. Extra-strong and robust front upper arms are mounted to the front bulkhead assembly into the front shock tower and adjustable suspension holder. Using eccentric bushings, front inner upper roll center can be easily adjusted. Caster is easily adjusted using caster clips which are inserted either in front or behind the front upper arms. The ball link is inserted into the upper arm and the integrated adjustable turnbuckle can be accessed from outside for quick & easy camber link adjustment.

Diff Bulkheads
Diff bulkheads are an important chassis component, housing both the front and rear differentials and providing mounting points for the suspension mounts and shock towers. The diff bulkheads have been designed for extreme durability, while providing easy access for tuning and maintenance.

HUDY Spring Steel Turnbuckles
To guarantee maximum reliability, all of the XB8 2015’s turnbuckles are manufactured from a special blend of HUDY Spring Steel which is specifically formulated for turnbuckles. These turnbuckles have a tougher core, and are well suited for the steering system and rear upright linkages.

Aluminum Hex Hubs
Ultra-lightweight 17mm wheel hex drive hubs are CNC-machined from Swiss 7075 T6 black-coated aluminum. The alu hex hubs are specially machined to reduce rotating weight while guaranteeing wobble-free wheel mounting.

Drive Shafts
XB8 constant velocity drives (CVDs) are manufactured from world-renowned HUDY Spring Steel. The drive shafts are some of the world‘s thinnest yet most durable drive shafts used in off-road cars. The central larger and stronger outdrives feature protective rubber boots, thick 3mm pins, and protective locking rings. All drive shafts and outdrives are hardened with a proprietary hardening process to provide unbeatable lifetime and reliability.

Diff Outdrives
To reduce rotating weight, the super-lightweight diff outdrives are machined from HUDY Spring Steel™ which allows unnecessary material to be removed from the outer part of the outdrives to further reduce weight without affecting durability. The inner portions of the outdrives are additionally hand-ground for maximum precision and fitment into the diff case.

High-Torque Clutch
The XB8’s high-torque clutch provides smooth and continuous transfer of power from the engine at high RPM. The clutch engages higher in the RPM range, resulting in more controllable power during acceleration, while still maintaining good handling and performance on jumps. The Swiss 7075 T6 aluminum flywheel has a smaller diameter but heavier weight. The smaller diameter allows the flywheel to be more protected after landing large jumps, so there is a reduced chance for engine stoppages due to the flywheel contacting a rock or other obstacle. The flywheel’s heavier weight results in smoother and more balanced engine operation. The Swiss 7075 T6 clutch shoes are small, lightweight, and designed for engagement during the entire travel of the shoe. The shoes are less sensitive to wear and as such their lifespan is increased.

Chassis Braces
Front and rear braces have significant influence on chassis stiffness and flex, and as such have great impact on car handling under different grip conditions. The XB8 features the well-proven stiff composite braces at front and rear. These braces are more than up to the task… strong enough to remain intact even after heavy jumps or crashes (while still avoiding tweak or breakage), yet still flexible enough to generate the needed grip.

Front Braces
The stiffness of the Xray XB8 2015 front suspension is easily adjusted to accommodate the particular track traction, even if the traction changes during the race the stiffness is very easily adjusted. For slippery and low-traction tracks, the front composite brace may be removed and an optional reinforcement alu stand connects the front upper deck to the radio plate. This configuration generates more traction.

Rear Braces
The longer rear chassis brace included in the kit increases stiffness in the longitudinal direction and gives the car more side flex. An optional rear short chassis brace provides more longitudinal flex and reduced side flex.

Brake System
The XB8 features a well-proven, high-performance braking system that is strong, precise, and dependable to make slowing and stopping almost effortless. Coupled with the car’s balanced load distribution, the extraordinary control imparted by the braking system gives you complete confidence as you pitch the car into corners. XRAY focused on the smallest details when designing the brake system. The laser-cut, precision flat-ground steel brake disk allows for fade-free braking in conjunction with the special high-grip brake pads installed on the laser-cut brake plates. The brake disk is small, slim, and very light. The precision hand-grinding allows true, wobble-free rotation. Brake inputs are transferred precisely to the brakes thanks to the rigid, high-precision machined brake cams. Both brake disk and brake pads are specially heat-treated for maximum lifespan.

Engine Mounts
High-grade CNC-machined aluminum engine mounts are machined from lightweight alloy and help to dissipate engine heat. The engine mounts are easily adjustable from the bottom of the chassis to obtain proper gear mesh. The engine mount has been specifically designed to extend up to the front engine bearing to provide higher reinforcement of the chassis in the longitudinal direction and in jumps will minimize the bending of the chassis between the clutchbell and spur gear.

Fuel Tank
The extra-strong fuel tank features an integrated floating stone filter that ensures that the fuel pickup will always be in the correct orientation, even if your car isn’t. This fuel pickup system will allow fuel to continue to flow to your engine, even while waiting for a marshal to reach your inverted car and put it back on its wheels. Internal baffles were added inside the fuel tank to ensure that the fuel will always be in the area around the fuel line intake so even in large jumps the fuel will be constantly supplied to the engine. The fuel tank cap features a very strong spring which ensures the cap will always close after refueling, and the specially-designed rubber seal perfectly seals the fuel tank and ensures no fuel will leak outside .

Anti-Roll Bars
Anti-roll bars used to stabilize the car are manufactured from spring steel material. The front & rear roll bars are easily mounted to the diff cases, and can be adjusted through adjustable linkages. Anti-roll bar wires of different thickness are optionally available for fine-tuning your set-up.


  • Length: 503.5mm
  • Width: 310mm
  • Wheelbase: 322-328mm
  • Weight: 2050g
  • Running Weight: 3350g


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