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Team Xray X12 Pan Car 2015 Edition

Team Xray X12 Pancar 2015 EditionTeam Xray announces the latest update to their ultra high performance 1/12 pan car platform the X12. The Team Xray X12 2015 Edition features tons of new parts including an all new chassis, new narrow rear motor mod, new steering blocks, new bump steer shims, composite upper and lower pivot braces, new shock adapters, new composite battery backstops and much more. For 2015, the Xray X12 gets all orange anodized parts too. Check out the pics and features after the jump!

New Features

  • All-new chassis
  • All-new narrower design
  • All-new narrow rear pod
  • All-new weight balance
  • All-new center shock position adjustment
  • All-new 1-hole piston
  • All-new steering block
  • All-new bump steer shims
  • All-new upper arm position adjustment shims
  • All-new composite lower and upper pivot brace
  • All-new pod pivot ball
  • All-new rear link pod upper plate
  • All-new shock adapter
  • All-new rear link brace
  • All-new composite battery backstops
  • All-new orange aluminum parts

XRAY X12 Platform
Legendary XRAY premium design, workmanship & material quality and unmatched attention to the finest details result in a state of perfection achieved by well thought-out refinements to create a car that is easy to drive, work on, and adjust. From unique HUDY Spring Steel, through the world’s strongest Swiss 7075 T6 aluminum, along with XRAY’s own secret composite mixtures, to the premium high grade graphite materials… everything is exclusive and premium on the X12. Using premium European exclusive materials crafted by XRAY’s engineering artists using the state of the art German, Italian, and Swiss CNC machines, the X12 is a blend of only the world’s finest.

The new chassis is 3mm narrower compared to the previous chassis to centralize all the weight to the centerline even more. The cutouts under the front suspension are smaller to stiffen the flex, optimize steering characteristics, and make the care easier to drive. The new chassis allows for changing the center shock position to either forward or rearward position. It also includes holes for composite battery backstops to eliminate battery movement when inline battery alignment is used.

Center Shock Position Adjustment
An innovative new feature is the possibility to change the center shock position. By moving the center shock mounts on the chassis to either the forward or rearward position, the dampening and steering characteristics of the car can be changed. The forward shock position allows the car to drive better over bumps and improves on-power traction, while the rearward shock position improves steering response and the car changes direction quicker.

Micro Shock Absorber
XRAY micro shock has a scaled-down design from its “big brother” counterpart in XRAY’s successful touring car platform. The X12’s fully-adjustable shock features an aluminum shock body that is hard-anodized for ultra durability. The fine-threaded shock body allows for quick and easy shock spring preload adjustment. Tiny, thin shock membrane gives smooth dampening characteristics, and a super-soft silicone shock O-ring gives super-smooth operation while preventing oil leakage. The ultra-finely finished shock shaft with precise-molded composite shock piston ensures optimum shock oil flow and smooth shock absorber action. A simple yet smart shock construction allows for quick and easy shock-length adjustment for rear pod downstop adjustment.

Upper Arm Position Adjustment Shims
The Team Xray X12 2015 Edition’s new upper arm shims allow for moving the front upper arm mount together with the upper arm more out from the lower arm, thus generating less camber gain and making the car easier to drive. With more shims, less camber gain is generated, reducing initial steering and giving less “twitchiness.”

Composite Upper & Lower Pivot Brace
The composite upper & lower pivot brace were redesigned to allow the pivot ball be to lowered by 0.5mm so as to lower the roll center of the car. Lower roll center provides more rear traction and stabilizes the rear of the car.

Pod Pivot Ball
The pivot ball is smaller to save the weight, which is very important in 1/12 class. The X12’s pivot ball has an internal thread so the locking nut mounted on the top is not used any more. This saves weight but also allows for greater side movement of the whole rear pod.

Rear Link Pod Upper Plate
Rear link pod upper plate includes a hole so the optional side shock can be mounted. The advantage of using the side shock is that it provides more traction in low-to-medium traction conditions.

Rear Link Brace
The rear link brace was redesigned to allow the battery to be moved 4mm more rearward when the cross-chassis alignment battery configuration is used. By moving the battery more rearward, the car has more steering.

Composite Battery Backstops
Included composite battery backstops eliminate battery movement when the inline alignment battery configuration is used.

Weight Balance
As part of the X12 2015’s chassis design, weight balance was thoroughly redesigned and improved on the X12 platform. The battery placement was moved to the left side for improved side-to-side weight balance and to reduce rear pod binding caused by motor wires. With the new chassis layout the electronics wiring access was improved.

Battery Placement
The position of the battery placement in the chassis has a significant influence on weight balance adjustment. To offer instant and comfortable weight balance adjustment – depending on various track conditions – the battery placement can be quickly changed from inline to cross-chassis. Smart and handy – an all-new unique feature and system.

Centralized Shock Mount
The new front center shock mount was completely redesigned for the X12 platform. The entire platform was moved from the side to the absolute center of the chassis. The rigid centrally-mounted shock mount prevents tweak and significantly improves side-to-side stability.

Track-Width Adjustment
The front suspension on the X12 platform has been completely redesigned and improved. The new lower suspension arms feature smart eccentric aluminum inserts which allow quick & easy changing and setting up of track-width depending on track conditions. Optional aluminum 0.5mm and 1.0mm eccentrics are used to set the track-width either narrower or wider.

Straight side springs
Straight side springs have more consistent and smoother compression for smoother out of corner exiting, and reduction of traction rolling.

Ride Height Shims
The front suspension uses ride height adjustment shims which enable very quick, precise and hassle-free ride height adjustment for various track conditions. The set of 0.2, 0.4 and 0.6mm ride height adjustment shims are included for fine tuning.

Premium Composite Parts
All composite parts are manufactured by XRAY using premium self-developed composite mixtures which guarantee sufficient flex of the suspension parts, while being hard enough to withstand hard impacts.

Front Suspension
Strong, simple, yet refined front suspension made from strong, lightweight, self-developed composite material. Reactive caster settings available using 2.5°, 5.0° or 7.5° eccentric bushings. Tiny yet strong HUDY Spring Steel™ upper pivot balls ensure smooth, bind-free operation, while composite lower pivot balls allow the front suspension to operate even more smoothly. Fast & easy adjustment of front caster, track-width, roll center and ride height via included shims and clips.

Reactive Caster
Reactive caster is easily adjustable by using easy-to-change eccentric bushings of 2.5°, 5.0° or 7.5° (included). Reactive caster is used to adjust the amount of caster change when the front end of the car is compressing (diving) or decompressing (rising).

Chassis features pre-drilled holes for the servo mounts on both left and right side which allows the placement of the servo to balance the car as necessary. Aluminum servo stands allow flat mounting of the servo to the chassis to keep lowest possible CG.

Adjustable Ackermann
The quick adjustable Ackermann positions can be adjusted by adding/removing shims between the servo and servo mounting posts. The composite shims included in the kit come in three different sizes: 3x6x1, 3x6x2, 3x6x3. Ackermann influences the steering of the car, and therefore it is important to make it an adjustable feature.

Rear Axle
The X12’s ultra-strong, lightweight steel axle provides maximum reliability even in serious crashes. The rear differential features high-grade precision carbide balls for spur gear, hardened and precision-ground D-steel shims, and premium carbide axial thrust-bearing.

Adjustable Turnbuckles
Front upper 3mm adjustable HUDY Spring Steel camber turnbuckles are lightweight yet can withstand hard impacts, with precision threading to ensure fine camber adjustment. Steering linkages are made from adjustable 4mm turnbuckles manufactured from lightweight aluminum.


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