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Team Xray X1 2017 F1 Car

Team Xray X1 2017 F1 CarTeam Xray is proud to unveil the X1 2017 Edition F1 Car! Updates include a fully adjustable sway bar that improves steering and makes the car easier to handle, new upper and lower graphite suspension arms, a new front suspension arm mounting plate, a new chassis with 2 pod mounting positions, a new short shock from the T4 touring car platform, new central mounting plate, and a new graphite rear wing mount. Don’t miss the pictures of the updated Xray X1 below!

Adjustable Anti-roll Bar
The Team Xray X1 2017 all-new and innovative feature of the F1 class is the fully-adjustable wire anti-roll bar. The anti-roll bar improves steering characteristics & precision, and makes the car easier to handle. The wobble-free anti-roll bar system is mounted to anti-roll bar holders which are mounted on the arm mount plate via bearings for extra-smooth movement and quick & easy changes and adjustment. The roll bar turns in ball-bearings for maximum precision and free movement. Anti-roll bar height is adjustable via a ball screw. The complete range of different anti-roll bar thicknesses is designed to work with the ball-bearing roll bar mounting system. A 1.2mm anti-roll bar is included as standard in the kit, and a full range of different anti-roll bar wires is available optionally. Anti-roll bars have laser-engraved stripes (corresponding to bar thickness) for easy identification.

Graphite Arms
The Team Xray X1 2017 all-new upper & lower graphite arms were redesigned to fit and work with new wire anti-roll bar system. The upper arms were redesigned to allow mounting of the anti-roll bar mounts; the lower arms were redesigned for quick & easy accessibility to the anti-roll bar. Graphite arms are made from high-quality 2.5mm graphite material.

Arm Mount Plate
The Team Xray X1 2017 all-new arm mount plate was redesigned to allow mounting of the new aluminum anti-roll bar holders. The arm mount plate is precision machined from premium 2.5mm graphite material.

The Team Xray X1 2017 new chassis includes a new 2-position option for pod link mounting. The first outer position is standard, while the new inner position allows for angled mounting of the pod links to improve in-corner steering. The new chassis also has a new more frontward position for mounting the central mount plate of the new short shock.

Chassis Design
Chassis design, layout, and flex have significant influence on the handling of the X1. The final chassis design offers optimal stiffness for excellent handling, while still being flexible enough to generate maximum traction. The super-narrow chassis front allows for maximum traction while having excellent steering and cornering speed. The chassis has ideal torsional stability to help eliminate the “scrub effect” in high-speed corners. CNC-machined from custom-manufactured 2.5mm high-grade graphite material with a specially-designed compound for carpet racing and asphalt racing, the new X1 chassis allows the car to handle ideally on either indoor or outdoor tracks, on either carpet or asphalt.

The X1 features all-new XRAY short shock from the T4 touring car platform. The unique XRAY aluminum shock absorber has interchangeable internal parts, with fixed 1-piece precision piston which is available with 3 different-diameter holes for damping adjustment: 1.1, 1.2, and 1.3mm with either 3 or 4 holes. No matter what you choose, all pistons are ultra-true and round due to a very special mould design, resulting in ultra-free movement of the piston inside the shock body. The aluminum shock body is machined from Swiss 7075 T6 for maximum strength and rigidity. The shock cartridge has been designed for a self-centering shim to hold silicone O-rings, guaranteeing perfect alignment in the shock body. A finely-threaded aluminum shock lower cap secures the silicone O-rings and shims in the shock body. A finely-threaded spring preload collar is used for quick & easy spring preload adjustment. The upper aluminum cap features a small vent hole which makes shock assembly very predictable and easy, since excess shock oil will escape through this vent hole to ensure that the proper amount of the oil remains inside the shock assembly. A super-soft silicone membrane – supported by a miniature foam pad (inserted inside the membrane) – provides proper damping characteristics.

Shock Spring Collar
The Team Xray X1 2017 all-new shock spring collar is great and innovative feature of the F1 platform and was brought from the X12 pancar platform. The main benefit of the shock spring collar is quick & easy downstop adjustability. Now there is no need to disassemble the shock and tighten-untighten the shock ball joints as on previous X1 or on other formula cars on the market. Now the downstop can be adjusted by tightening-untightening the shock spring collar directly on the mounted shock.

Progressive Shock System
The Team Xray X1 2017 new T4 short shock allows the use of well-proven optional Progressive Shock System (PSS™) inserts which generates even more traction and steering and is a highly-recommended option part for asphalt surfaces. The shock insert has 3 triangle cuts and is used with piston without holes. The hardness of the shock is influenced not by the holes in the piston but by the insert. The insert is mounted into the shock with the wider surface on the bottom of the shock and narrower on the top. When the piston is at the bottom of the shock, it moves softer and dampening becomes harder when the piston is going to the top. This means that the shock dampening is softer in the first part of movement and becomes harder when the car is moving more. Available as option only #308039 – Alu Progressive Shock – Set (2).

Shock Spring
To make the car more stable and easier to drive under various track conditions, the new 3S 2.3 linear spring was chosen as the basic setting to provide the best balance between traction, stability, and steering response. A complete range of optional 3S springs either linear or progressive are available for further fine adjustment.

Central Mount Plate
The central graphite mount plate has a new design to allow easier mounting/dismounting of the batteries. The mount plate has a more frontward position to accommodate to the new shock absorber. The front center shock mount is positioned in the absolute chassis center for perfect side-to-side weight transfer. The rigid centrally-mounted shock mount (with strong aluminum stands) prevents tweak and significantly improves side-to-side stability.

Rear Graphite Wing Mount
The Team Xray X1 2017 all-new rear graphite wing mount has a new design which allows higher or lower mounting of the rear wing to adapt to traction, conditions, and racing surfaces. When traction is very low (mainly on asphalt surfaces) the upper holes allow a higher wing mounting position to generate more stability and traction off-power. When traction is very high (mainly on carpet surfaces) the lower holes allow a lower wing mounting position to decrease traction rolling and make the car easier to drive. Machined from premium 2.5mm graphite material.

Weight Balance
The layout of the electronics and position of individual sections of the car were designed with optimum weight distribution and balance in mind. During the design and prototyping phase, several different layouts were tested, and an extensive amount of data was collected, compared, and evaluated by the Factory Team before the final design was chosen. The steering servo is located in a lay-down position for lowest CG at the chassis center, and the layout of the chassis allows the batteries to be placed either inline or cross-chassis. Depending on battery configuration, the ESC and receiver can be placed in various positions to give ideal weight transfer and balance.

Battery Placement
Battery placement on the chassis has a significant influence on weight balance. Battery placement can be quickly changed from inline to cross-chassis, to offer ideal weight balance depending on various track conditions. Composite battery backstops are included to eliminate battery movement.

Rear Pod
The Team Xray X1 2017 narrow chassis layout with super-narrow rear pod design allows the composite rear pod links to be placed closer to the chassis centerline, which improves steering response and gives optimal side-to-side weight transition. The compact and ultra-lightweight rear pod is constructed from high-strength aluminum bulkheads, graphite brace (which includes multiple wing height mounting positions), and thin but strong high-grade graphite plates. The smart pod design accommodates all motors, and allows for super-easy motor access. Eccentric composite bushings are included for ultra-fine rear ride height adjustment.

Rear Link Brace
The rear graphite brace allows the side tubes to be mounted on the car so that an optional side shock may be mounted as well.

Rear Pod Upper Plate
The rear pod upper plate is the base for the central shock, the platform for the side shock, and it connects the front chassis assembly with the rear pod. Machined from premium high-grade graphite, the pod plate is very strong and gives rigidity to the entire rear assembly. The rear pod upper plate allows the side tubes to be mounted on the car and also allow an optional side shock as well. The design allows for easier mounting/dismounting of the center shock.

Side Damper Tubes
Lateral side damper tubes replace the side shock for smoother, more consistent operation. The side tubes provide ultra-smooth side damping, making the car easier to drive and easier to work on. The outer aluminum tube and inner composite tube operate ultra-smoothly.

Side Springs
Side springs are placed directly on the chassis for smooth and precise movement. Straight side springs have more consistent and smoother compression for smoother out-of corner exiting, and reduction of traction rolling. Optional side springs are available.

Side Shock
The rear pod upper plate and rear link brace allow mounting of an optional ultra-precise micro-size side shock which is machined from premium Swiss 7075 T6. The side shock is silicone-oil filled to ensure constant & ultra-smooth damping. The side shock delivers maximum traction, especially in low-to-medium traction conditions.

Pivot Brace
The Team Xray X1 2017 transition of the rear pod works via the pivot brace, which features an ultra-small and lightweight pivot ball that allows for greater movement of the pivot brace. The pivot ball has an internal thread.

High-Grade Graphite Parts
All graphite parts are CNC-machined from custom-manufactured 2.5mm high-grade graphite material with a specially-designed compound for carpet racing and asphalt racing, the X1 handles ideally on either indoor or outdoor tracks, on either carpet or asphalt.

Premium Composite Parts
All composite parts are manufactured by XRAY using premium self-developed composite mixtures which guarantee sufficient flex of the suspension parts, while being hard enough to withstand hard impacts.

Front Suspension
Strong, simple, fully adjustable, yet smart & ultra-efficient front suspension consists of high-grade graphite lower & upper suspension arms, arm mount plate, and aluminum stands. Steering blocks are made from strong, lightweight, self-developed composite material. Tiny yet strong composite pivot balls ensure smooth, bind-free operation. Fast & easy adjustment of caster, track-width, roll center, camber, and ride height are done using included shims & eccentric bushings. The anti-roll bar is adjusted on the upper graphite arms, and different thicknesses of wires are available optionally. Caster is adjusted via eccentric bushings, offering 3°, 6°, 9°, and 12° settings. Camber is adjusted via eccentric bushings, offering 1.0°, 1.5°, 2.0°, and 2.5° settings.

Front Track-Width Adjustment
The Team Xray X1 2017 front track-width can be easily adjusted via the shims inserted between the wheel and the front suspension block. Shims for track-width adjustment are included.

Camber Adjustment
Front camber is easily adjusted via front upper arm eccentric bushings.
The kit includes two eccentric bushings; by changing the orientation of the bushings, camber settings of 1.0°, 1.5°, 2.0°, and 2.5° can be achieved.

Caster Adjustment
Caster is easily adjusted via front upper plate eccentric bushings.
The kit includes two eccentric bushings; by changing the orientations of the bushings, caster settings of 3°, 6°, 9°, and 12° can be achieved.

Roll Center Adjustment
Front upper & lower roll centers are easily adjusted via included shims. By changing the lower roll center position, the ride height of the car is adjusted at the same time. Front upper arm roll center is adjusted by inserting shims atop the arm mount plate and alu stands. Front lower roll center position/ride height is adjusted via shims inserted beneath the front lower suspension arm alu stands. Ride height can be also adjusted via shims above & below the steering block on the kingpin axle.

Floating Servo System
The floating servo system mounts the servo either completely independently from the chassis, or mounts it affixed to the chassis. The servo mounting method influences chassis flex and handling.

Servo Saver
The tiny yet robust servo saver protects the servo from impact damage. The 4-spring servo saver gives precise steering, making the car easier to drive while giving consistent handling.

Steering Backstop
The steering backstops mounted on the lower arms allow for the adjustment of maximum steering angle. The advantage of the backstops is that both steering sides can be adjusted to the same angle. Maximum steering angle can be adjusted depending on traction, surface conditions, and tires: under high-traction conditions, the maximum steering angle can be decreased to make the car easier to drive and eliminate traction rolling, or maximum steering angle can be increased for more cornering speed.

The front suspension assembly features composite pivot balls that allow the front suspension to work very smoothly. Super-smooth, hardened steel kingpins provide the foundation for the front suspension.

Steering Blocks
Tiny, tough steering blocks each feature two Ackermann positions. The super-precise inner hole for the kingpin steel pin ensures a wobble-free assembly.

Wheel Axles
Ultra-precise wheel axles are CNC-machined from premium HUDY Spring Steel™ and are additionally hardened and hand-ground for precision fitment.

Rear Suspension
The rear suspension features a conventional rear pod that is adjustable via pivot-ball links, providing extremely easy assembly and tuning while being very effective and giving the highest competitive performance.

Alu Bulkheads
Rear pod bulkheads are CNC-machined from premium extra-hard Swiss 7075 T6 aluminum, additionally black coated for long life and stylish look. The bulkheads are strategically machined to reduce weight to minimum while retaining strength.

Motor Access
The rear pod accommodates all motors. The open-top design of the rear pod left-side bulkhead provides super-easy motor access.

Rear Axle
The ultra-strong lightweight steel axle is used to provide maximum reliability even in serious crashes. The rear axle is hollow for lightest weight while still ensuring maximum strength. The rear differential features high-grade precision carbide balls for spur gear, hardened & precision-ground D-shaped steel shims, and premium carbide axial thrust-bearing.

Spur Gear
The precision-molded spur gear is made from XRAY’s exclusive composite material, ensuring true running, super-quiet operation, and robustness for use with powerful motors. A range of optional spur gears is available for fine tuning.

Alu Rear Hubs
Aluminum rear hubs are machined from lightweight aircraft aluminum, specially lightened and black-coated for stylish looks. The rear left aluminum wheel hub features a center-balanced clamping mounting system, ensuring secure mounting while eliminating vibration and run-out.

Rear Ride Height
Ride height is easily adjustable using included eccentric rear axle bushings, as well as adjustable shock preload for middle ride height adjustment.

Adjustable Turnbuckles
Steering linkages consist from adjustable 3mm turnbuckles manufactured from lightweight Swiss 7075 T6 aluminum which are used to adjust front toe.

A full set 11 high-speed, blue-sealed, steel ball-bearings are used throughout the drivetrain and steering to ensure maximum efficiency. All bearings are degreased and oiled with AeroShell® Fluid 12 for maximum smoothness and long life.

Adjustable Body Posts
Robust body posts have fully-adjustable body holders and are rear posts are mounted on the solid graphite platform on alu stands.

Front Spoiler
The front spoiler consists of two parts: a composite bumper and a Lexan™ downforce spoiler. The composite front chassis bumper is very rigid yet flexible, and provides protection where the car needs it most… in the front corners of the chassis where damage may occur from impacts. The lightweight Lexan front spoiler is mounted to the composite front bumper and provides the necessary aerodynamic characteristics. There are two types of spoilers included: low downforce & high downforce, and each are used in particular track conditions.

Rear Wing
The adjustable rear wing allows for easy adaptation to varying track conditions. The highly-efficient rear wing works together with the X1 racing body, which has air flow channels to direct air onto the wing to help generate rear traction and stabilize the car in chicanes. The rear wing mounting system features a graphite mount and aluminum stands. Using composite shims between the wing and the alu stands, the wing position can be easily adjusted. The height of the rear wing can be adjusted by changing the mounting position on the graphite plate.



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