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Team Xray T4 2104 Edition Touring Car

Team Xray T4 2014 EditionTeam Xray is excited to announce the new 2014 Edition of their high tech touring car, the T4. New features for 2014 T4 include an updated narrower chassis, redesigned chassis top deck, new suspension arms and holders, new aluminum steering plate, new layshaft bulkheads, new motor mount design, new Suspension Flex Adjustment system and much more! Check out the full list of new features and tons of pictures after the jump.

Xray T4 2014 New Features

  • All-new chassis design
  • All-new suspension holders
  • All-new arm design
  • All-new layshaft bulkheads
  • All-new shock spring hardnesses
  • Improved steering characteristics
  • All-new top deck design
  • All-new suspension bushings
  • All-new smart SFA (Suspension Flex Adjustment)
  • All-new motor mount
  • All-new aluminum steering plate
  • Improved traction
  • All-new SFA graphite stiffeners for suspension arms (option)

The T4’14 features an all-new narrower chassis specifically designed for all kinds of track conditions. The chassis is 89mm wide (5mm narrower compared to the T4) for improved traction and steering characteristics. The all-new chassis was designed to accommodate the new suspension mounts – one of the most significant improvement features of the T4’14.
The 2.2mm thick chassis is CNC machined from premium-grade graphite material. The chassis features pre-drilled holes for optional parts such as chassis weights, graphite motor guard, graphite adjustable battery holder, and battery strap. Weight distribution and balance characteristics have been enhanced. Due to the increase in LiPo capacity resulting in additional weight and heavier duty electronics to handle the increased power of modern brushless systems, the chassis was designed to allow the weight to move as close as possible to the chassis centerline in order to maintain balance. The front and rear portions of the chassis were strategically redesigned to provide maximum steering and traction.

Top Deck
The Team Xray T4 ’14 features an all-new top deck design allows installation of an optional aluminum stand which changes the car’s flex characteristics. By adding the reinforcement stand, the rear layshaft bulkhead screws are removed which generates more traction and makes the car easier to drive but results in more on-power push. Recommended for low or high traction conditions. For low and medium traction conditions, it is recommended to use a top deck without the aluminum stand.
New top deck has been redesigned for the new narrow bulkheads. The shape of the rear portion of the top deck has been specifically designed to achieve maximum traction and in corner steering. The top deck is machined from premium-grade 2.0mm graphite. An optional belt tensioner can be mounted to the top deck.

Suspension Holders
The T4’14 features all-new aluminum suspension holders featuring Integrated Suspension Settings (ISS) which allow super fast and easy suspension geometry setting. This XRAY concept was first introduced in the very first XB8 and now has been carried over to 1/10 scale onroad. Suspension holders allow more durable mounting of the suspension arms. With the new suspension holders, the geometry of the car does not change even under hard crashes. Thanks to the mounting system, arms move very freely which gives higher traction and the car feels smoother in corners which also positively influences steering characteristics. Suspension holders are CNC machined from premium Swiss 7075 T6 aluminum and have been designed to provide the lightest and strongest possible support framework for the car.

I.S.S. Suspension Bushings
Using eccentric suspension bushings inserted into aluminum suspension blocks, as well as additional use of suspension shims and suspension parts, the T4 suspension geometry is completely adjustable including: Caster, Front & rear toe-in, Front & rear roll-center, Front kick-up and anti-dive, Rear anti-squat and pro-squat, Wheelbase, Track-width

Suspension Arms
The all-new arms feature the innovative SFA (Suspension Flex Adjustment). Whether you are racing in low or high-traction track conditions, you can easily adjust the flex of the arms as appropriate by quickly adding optional graphite stiffeners which will change the stiffness of the suspension. The new arms include 4 holes where the graphite stiffeners are mounted and the areas around the holes are strengthened for maximum durability. The front arm is 2mm longer to better fit the new suspension mounts.

Graphite Stiffeners
All-new innovative and unique SFA graphite stiffeners allow for super-quick suspension flex adjustment to easily adjust the traction of the car in various track conditions. Whether you drive in low- or high-traction conditions, with the smart graphite stiffeners you can very quickly adjust your car to suit it to current conditions. At the beginning of a race event when traction is low, the arms are used without the SFA graphite stiffeners. When the traction increases, the suspension can easily be made stiffer by mounting the SFA graphite stiffeners for more stability and easier driving characteristics. The graphite stiffeners give the car maximum stability in chicanes and allow for easier and smoother steering. Made from 1.6mm thick high-quality CNC-machined graphite material, the stiffeners can be easily mounted or removed by only a few screws whenever needed. The stiffeners are available only as an optional part.

Motor Mount
The all-new motor mount has the groove in the area where the motor screws are inserted, to allow screws to be recessed into the motor mount so that large pinions may be used in stock class by moving the motor closer and eliminate the chance of interference between screws and pinion. The motor mount is separated from the layshaft bulkhead to eliminate unwanted tweak. The motor mount is fixed to the bulkhead by two screws and to the chassis via M3 nut to provide a tweak-free platform. The motor mount is CNC machined from premium Swiss 7075 T6 aluminum and is color-coated for a distinctive look.

Layshaft Bulkheads
The all-new layshaft bulkheads allow for the removal of front or rear (or both) screws which connect the top deck, as the bearing is fixed to the layshaft bulkhead and does not move. This improves the flex adjustability of the car to better suit it to different track conditions and surfaces. Made from premium Swiss 7075 T6 aluminum material, and orange anodized.

Steering Plate
The all-new steering plate provides increased steering into the corner and makes the car more stable and easier to drive in chicanes. To achieve the improved steering characteristics, the distance to the steering linkage mounting was changed to 8.5mm. Machined from premium Swiss 7075 T6 aluminum material, and orange anodized.

Shock Springs
To make the car more stable and easier to drive under various track conditions, the 2.5C linear springs were chosen as the basic setting for the T4’14 on both front and rear shocks. The linear 2.5C springs provide the best balance between steering, traction, stability and response. The 4S springs – like all other XRAY springs – are manually measured, selected, and matched into pairs to guarantee precisely equal length and damping characteristics.

Aluminum Bulkheads
To accommodate the ultra-low design of the T4 platform with centralized weight placement, all the bulkheads were completely redesigned. The smallest and lightest bulkheads ever are positioned more to the chassis centerline to provide maximum traction, steering and balance. All 4 differential bulkheads now share a common design in order to reduce spare parts requirements and increase parts compatibility. The left and right layshaft bulkheads also share a common design and are interchangeable with one another. All bulkhead parts are CNC-machined from premium Swiss 7075 T6 aluminum and have been designed to provide the lightest and strongest possible support framework for the car. The bulkheads are anodized in a distinctive orange color. (Note: Color may vary slightly between products.) XRAY’s legendary attention to detail is noticeable in all the precisely chamfered edges.

Proven Suspension Geometry
From the narrow arms, through the tiny front and rear suspension blocks, to the small and robust steering blocks, every suspension part has been specially designed to provide responsive racing characteristics in all racing conditions. Over the years XRAY has successfully gained and utilized extensive suspension geometry knowledge and self-developed suspension stiffness technology, which have been utilized when designing suspension parts. The ultra-lightweight suspension parts are molded from a special composite material that makes the parts very light yet very durable to withstand the rigors of high-performance racing. The T4 platform features optimized suspension parts carried over from the T3platform. The arms feature a single optimized shock mounting position and integrated anti-roll bar mounts. The rear arms feature three anti-roll bar mounts for super-fine adjustment of the anti-roll bar.

Super Low Profile (SLP) Shocks
Team Xray T4 2013 Edition shock absorbers were completely redesigned and re-engineered. Everything is new and the shocks are aluminum. The SLP shocks were developed to lower the CG of the car to the absolute maximum in order to improve stability. With the new SLP shocks the T4 stays flatter, making it easier to drive in chicanes and more resistant to traction roll, letting you carry more speed through high traction sweepers. SLP shocks feature new shock caps, new shock collars, new pistons, as well as all new composite parts. The shocks also feature bladders and foam inserts for smoother shock operation. Shock rods have been specially hardened to ensure long life and maximum strength. To accommodate the all-new Super Low Profile (SLP) shock absorbers the all-new pistons were designed and produced. The set of pistons include 3 and 4 hole pistons with 1.0, 1.1, and 1.2mm diameter holes. The pistons are molded using special methods and composites to ensure extreme roundness, while maintaining maximum stiffness and durability. The new Super Low Profile (SLP) shocks are almost 8mm shorter compared to the shocks on the T3. The shock bodies are CNC machined from premium Swiss 7075 T6 aluminum and hardened to ensure maximum life. The shocks consist of a shortened shock body but with a larger diameter to retain the same volume of oil as the previous, longer T3 shocks. Both front are rear shock absorbers have front and lower ball joints by purpose larger to provide a little of play of the shocks once mounted to generate more traction.

Shock Towers
To maximize the effect of the new SLP shocks, both front and rear shock towers were completely redesigned and lowered by 15mm to help move the CG as low as possible. Machined from premium-grade 3.0mm graphite, the shock towers are smaller, lighter, more compact and, after vigorous testing, have been race-tuned to increase on-power steering.

Upper Clamps
To coincide with the new super narrow bulkheads, the upper bulkhead clamps were also redesigned. With 3 different roll center mounting positions, adjusting the roll center of the chassis is quick and easy. The clamp height has been reduced by 2mm compared to the previous platform, which adds additional flexibility for roll center adjustments by allowing you to add or remove shims under the ball studs. In order to keep the same well-proven roll center geometry the roll center positions have been moved outside to offset the new narrow bulkhead design.

Bearing Holders
The adjustable bearing eccentric holders were also updated to mate with the new, narrower bulkheads. As with previous XRAY designs, both front and rear bulkheads feature integrated belt-tension adjustment through the use of adjustable bearing eccentric holders, eliminating the need for a separate belt tensioner while reducing friction and improving drivetrain efficiency.

Central Servo Mount
XRAY’s own invented and designed central servo mount is now a standard in the T4. This new style mount allows the servo to be mounted to the chassis without the servo coming into contact with the chassis plate. This design has beent engineered to eliminate tweak and increase overall traction. The Swiss 7075 T6 main aluminum stand is positioned along the chassis centerline for perfectly balanced flex characteristics and holds the high-grade graphite servo plate suspended above the chassis.

Servo Saver
The popular XRAY servo saver was improved and updated for the T4. To make the steering linkage adjustment easier additional positions on the servo saver were added. The servo saver consists of 4 springs which makes the servo saver strong enough to provide the precision steering racers demand, while at the same time being flexible enough to prevent servo damage in hard crashes. The servo saver has interchangeable bushings to fit most popular servos.

Anti-Roll Bars
To accommodate the narrowed front and rear bulkheads, new anti-roll bars were designed. Front 1.4mm and rear 1.2mm anti-roll bars are included in the kit, and a full line of optional anti-roll bars for super-fine tuning is available. For easy recognition the anti-roll bars have laser-engraved stripes (to indicate bar thickness) for easy and instant recognition. The anti-roll bars are mounted using the included composite holders on the front and rear bulkheads, and to the integrated anti-roll bar mounts on the suspension arms. The rear anti-roll bar mounting location was updated on the T4 and is now in a horizontal position for easier accessibility.

Rear Uprights
To improve the stability of the car and to increase cornering speed of the T4 the hard “H” rear uprights are included. The rear uprights feature 0° toe to ensure stability and prevent suspension geometry changes in hard crashes. There are two different roll center positions on the rear uprights, and more roll center positions can be easily adjusted by adding shims between the upright and the turnbuckle ball joint. The rear uprights feature small but robust 5x10x4 ball-bearings to minimize unsprung weight. The rear uprights are available in two different material formulations that were specifically blended for particular racing conditions. Available in medium “M” hardness as an option. 1-hole uprights were developed as an optional fine-tuning part to compliment the standard 2-hole uprights for high-traction tracks where more roll of the car is desired. These 1-hole uprights provide an additional option versus the standard 2-hole upright when the outer hole does not allow enough roll, and the inner hole creates too much roll.

50mm Rear Drive Shafts
The T4 features 50mm long lightweight aluminum drive shafts machined from premium Swiss 7075 T6, hard-anodized and black coated for stylish looks. The aluminum drive shafts are designed for use in the rear.

To improve the body fit as well to lower the CG an all-new front from bumper was designed which is 1/3 lower and lighter and manufactured from highly resilient lightweight foam. The lower composite bumper mount and upper bumper holder are molded from rigid composite material to withstand heavy impacts.

XRAY Gear Differential
The 2014 Xray T4 gear diff increases on-power steering which is needed on nearly all types of tracks, and is ideal for both carpet and asphalt tracks. The gear diff includes a composite case and cover with pulley. Differential gears are made from tough composite material, precision-molded composite gears combined with light aluminum drive shafts, which create a lighter and super-smooth gear differential. Another key advantage of the gear diff is that it is maintenance-free. When the diff is correctly built, there is no need for maintenance for a very long time… no need for frequent oil changes, and no leakage due to the superior sealing system.

XRAY Solid Axle
Rotating mass is one of the most significant influences on the performance of an RC racecar. The T4 features a unique lightweight composite XRAY Front Solid Axle. The Front Solid Axle has a very stiff and ultra-light weight structure that was achieved by molding the entire solid axle from XRAY’s own self-formulated composite material. Outdrives are fully exchangeable which allows very easy and comfortable servicing, while the unique drive shaft connection — eliminating the former drive shaft blades — enables direct power transfer to the axle and eliminates play between the drive shaft and outdrives, improving steering precision and increasing overall steering.

The Team Xray T4 ’14 features an ultra-efficient and well-proven drive train has been carried over from the T3 platform. The drive ratio is fully suitable for the current high performance brushless motors (both stock and mod) and LiPo batteries. Both the front solid axle and the rear gear diff feature 38T pulleys and the central layshaft features 20T pulleys for an efficient internal ratio of 1.9.

Integrated Belt Tension Adjustment
As with previous XRAY cars, both front and rear bulkheads feature integrated belt-tension adjustment through the use of adjustable bearing eccentric holders, eliminating the need for a separate belt tensioner. These eccentric holders were modified to fit the new super narrow position of the bulkheads, while allowing you to still use your existing differentials and spools. All ball-bearings turn in composite hubs to reduce friction and improve drivetrain efficiency.

Diff Height Adjustment
Both front and rear bulkheads feature independent diff height adjustment. By rotating the diff eccentric holders, the height of the diff can be adjusted by 1mm. Optional eccentric holders with 2mm offset are available which allows diff height adjustment of 2mm.

Centrally-positioned Layshaft
The spur and pinion gears have been aligned along the absolute centerline of the chassis to optimize the placement of the polar moment and ensuring ideal balance of the drivetrain components.

Aluminum Middle Layshaft
The Xray T4 ’14 aluminum layshaft is strategically CNC-machined to minimize rotating weight without compromising strength or integrity. The hollow layshaft is perfectly round with zero run out, eliminating drivetrain vibration and producing a positive balance. Composite pulleys key solidly to the layshaft.

Premium Ball-Bearings
A full set of 20 high-speed, blue-sealed ball-bearings are used throughout the drivetrain to ensure maximum efficiency. All of the bearings are degreased and oiled with Aero Shell® Fluid 12 for maximum smoothness and long life. The bearings used in steering blocks and uprights have been specially selected to reduce unsprung weight and maximize drivetrain efficiency.

Kevlar Drive Belts
The 2-belt 4WD drivetrain concept provides maximum efficiency and highest performance using Kevlar®-reinforced drive belts for ultra-high durability. Narrow (3mm) front and rear drive belts have been ground to minimize thickness and flexibility.

HUDY Spring Steel CVDs
T4 constant velocity drives (CVDs) are exclusively manufactured from special world-renowned, top-secret, self-developed HUDY Spring Steel. The drive shafts are the world‘s tiniest yet most durable drive shafts used in electric touring cars. The drive shafts are strategically lightened – see the hollow end of the dog bone – to guarantee the lowest possible weight without compromising strength or durability. These specially-lightened drive shafts can only be manufactured from special HUDY Spring Steel which was developed for extreme racing conditions. The drive shafts have been additionally hand-ground for maximum precision and to provide true rotation and unbinding drivetrain operation. Super-lightweight Drive Axles. To reduce rotating weight, the T4 features super-lightweight wheel axles which have the outer diameter specially ground to remove the material while keeping the same strength thanks to the use of HUDY Spring Steel™ material. The lightweight drive axles reduce rotating mass up to 35% compared to regular drive axles.

The C-hubs in the  Team Xray T4 2014 are also carried over from the T3 platform and feature large openings for quicker & easier assembly/disassembly of the CVDs.The entire CVD assembly can be easily inserted/removed through the C-hub without the need for disassembly. The large openings prevent collision of CVD with C-hub in serious crashes and are optimized for use with optional ECS drive shafts. The C-hubs are available in all standard caster angles (2°, 4°, 6°) and are also available in two different hardnesses that are optimized for particular racing conditions. Steering Blocks. The small and tough steering blocks each feature two Ackermann positions. The front steering blocks also feature small but robust 5×10 ball-bearings to minimize unsprung weight. The steering blocks are available in two different hardnesses, which are optimized for particular racing conditions.

Dual Arm Steering System
The dual arm steering system is supported by 6 ball bearings and runs on aluminum stands. Ackermann is easily adjusted by inserting shims between the steering plate and steering rods. The new steering system features a lower mounting position for steering linkage which makes the car handle easier going into corners. Handling is easily adjusted for more aggression by inserting a shim between the steering block and steering rods. The front lower suspension holder has been updated to allow easier access from the front of the car for quick and easy Ackermann adjustment.

Aluminum Hex Hubs
Ultra-lightweight wheel hex drive hubs are CNC-machined from 7075 T6 black-coated aluminum. These ultra-true hex hubs are specially machined to reduce rotating weight while guaranteeing wobble-free wheel mounting. Optional offsets are available (-0.75, +0.75, +1.5mm).

Aluminum Turnbuckles
Aluminum adjustable turnbuckles used in the T4 are CNC-machined from 7075 T6 material with a stylish black coating. These turnbuckles are used for front and rear upright linkages as well as for the servo saver. The aluminum turnbuckles are lighter than steel to help decrease the overall weight of the car.

Body Posts
Beefy 6mm thick body posts are made from special composite material that provides maximum strength but sufficient flex to reduce body post breakage in hard crashes or if you flip the car over. The body supports are rounded to have a better fit and provide better support to the car body. For ultimate tuning and adjustment, XRAY offers optional body height adjustable body posts which allow the independent front & rear body height adjustment by +1mm or +2mm. Battery Holders. Smart battery holders are specifically designed for LiPo batteries and are reinforced for higher impacts. The battery holders prevent the batteries from moving under racing conditions and crashes. Adjustment Possibilities. The extensive and impressive range of adjustment possibilities includes: caster, camber, toe, anti-dive, anti-squat, ride height, downstops, track-width, lower roll center, upper roll center, roll center positions, steering roll center, wheelbase, Ackermann, optional belt-tension adjustment, adjustable shocks, adjustable rear diff and adjustable optional front XRAY Multi-Diff™.

Chassis Balance
The chassis design focuses on balanced weight distribution and weight transfer. The chassis features pre-drilled holes for additional weights for optimum car balancing. Centerline holes are pre-drilled for easy balancing with the HUDY Chassis Balancing Tool #107880.

Xray T4 2014 Specs

  • Width: 189 mm
  • Length: 372 mm
  • Wheelbase: 256-260 mm
  • Weight: 481 g
  • Ready-to-run weight: 1377 g

Xray T4 2014 Pictures

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