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Team Trinity Titanium Lipo Battery Packs

Published on August 8, 2012 by in RC Car Parts

Trinity Titanium Lipo Battery PacksTeam Trinity just revealed their new line of Lipo race packs dubbed the Trinity Titanium. According to Trinity these packs offer the highest level of quality and performance, each one with a 90C burst capacity. The packs range from 1S to 4S and 4500mah to 6300mah capacity each with Deans brand battery plugs and a hard case design.


Part Numbers:

  • TEP2100 4500mAh 7.4v, 2s, 50c Deans $79.99
  • TEP2101 5500mAh 7.4v, 2s, 50c Deans $92.99
  • TEP2102 6300mAh 7.4v, 2s, 60c Deans $104.99
  • TEP2103 4500mAh 7.4v, 2s 50c 96mm length, Bullet $89.99
  • TEP2104 4500mAh 11.1v, 3s, 50c Deans $109.99
  • TEP2107 5600mAh 14.8v, 4s, 55c Deans $189.99
  • TEP2108 4500mAh 7.4v, 2s, 50c Traxxas $82.99
  • TEP2109 5000mAh 7.4v, 2s, 50c VTA Spec Deans $79.99

Source: Trinity

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