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TLR 22 Spec Racer Buggy Kit

TLR 22 Spec Racer Buggy KitThe award winning Team Losi Racing 22 3.0 buggy has set the standard for peak performance in modified 2wd racing. The new TLR 22 3.0 Spec Racer kit does the exact same thing for the spec class. Every part has been examined and, where necessary, optimized to give you a spec racer that can dominate the competition, right out of the box. No expensive aftermarket parts are required to meet the minimum ROAR weight. Extra pockets milled into the chassis, along an assortment of lightweight parts, allow the TLR 22 3.0 Spec Racer to be built using kit hardware and still weigh in under 1499 grams with all electronics installed. This gives racers the freedom to meet the ROAR minimum by using bigger, more powerful batteries or strategically adding ballast to maximize performance. Update: Losi has updated this buggy. Check out the TLR 22 4.0 Spec Racer!

Lightweight Drivetrain
Major weight savings in the TLR 22 Spec Racer Buggy Kit drivetrain let racers extract more effective torque and top speed from stock motors. The innovative ball differential, with its aluminum hub and composite outdrives, is 12.7g lighter than the stock diff. The TLR® Direct Drive System weighs 9.3g less than a slipper assembly, and the aluminum driveshafts with lightened axles are 7.8g lighter than the stock steel CVAs. It all adds up to 29.8 grams of weight saved in the drivetrain alone.

Ultra Lightweight Body
The TLR 22 Spec Racer’s included body has the same cab-forward lines as the original 22 3.0 body but is made of lighter 0.5mm polycarbonate. This gives the buggy all the aerodynamic benefits of the original while saving over 20 grams of weight and lowering roll center at the same time.

Lightweight Motor Plate
A smaller motor plate designed specifically for the smaller spur gear sizes used in Spec-Class racing is included. It is CNC machined from 7075-T6 aluminum and paired with a polycarbonate gear cover to give racers the lightest and tidiest motor plate setup available.

Proven 22 3.0 Platform Features
The real genius in the TLR 22 Spec Racer’s design is that team engineers were able to shave weight without sacrificing any of the most important features that make the standard 22 3.0 buggy such a dominating force in its class. These include the VLA front suspension geometry, revised motor location, transverse battery mounting, 2mm wider rear pivot, revised rear shock locations and more.


  • Release Date: Mid December 2016
  • Part: TLR03010
  • Price: $330 Buy Now!


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