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Team Losi Racing 22-4 4wd Buggy Revealed!

TLR 22-4 BuggyThe Team Losi Racing 22-4 4wd race buggy kit has finally been revealed! It packs a ton of high performance features including a sealed 3 belt drivetrain, centrally mounted aluminum motor mount, ball differentials, lightweight 2.5mm hard anodized aluminum chassis, redesigned slipper clutch, Gen 2 big bore aluminum shocks, and Titanium Carbon Nitride coated shock shafts and hinge pins. The TLR 22-4 is expected to go on sale in late January. In the mean time go check out the pictures of this beautiful new buggy!

The TLR 22-4 features a lightweight aluminum chassis that has been milled to reduce weight without sacrificing strength. Its rigidity minimizes torsion and longitudinal flex so the drive belts are always positively engaged. Removable mud guards are included.

Belt Drivetrain
The innovative 3-belt drivetrain delivers better grip and acceleration than gear-driven designs. It’s completely sealed from the elements by modular covers that make maintaining and adjusting belt tension a breeze.

Centralized Motor Mount
The position of the TLR 22-4’s motor mount makes for a more balanced chassis with superb handling characteristics.

12mm Emulsion Shocks
The shocks are equipped with low friction Ti-CN shock shafts and CNC machined pistons. They’re topped by a threaded aluminum bleeder cap with an outer O-ring seal. A new X-ring seal prolongs life and reduces maintenance.

Ball Bearing Steering
The smooth, precise ball bearing steering features an Ackerman that can be adjusted via the bell cranks.

Slipper Clutch
The larger surface area of the redesigned TLR 22-4 HDS slipper pads provide more consistency on high grip tracks throughout the life of the pads.

Tungsten carbide diff and thrust balls, along with revised thrust washers, deliver ultra-smooth operation and longer life.

Universal Driveshafts
Team Losi Racing universal joints are included for improved performance and handling on rough tracks.

Battery Mount
The TLR 22-4 battery restraint system has been designed so different sizes and types of battery packs can be mounted for optimum chassis balance.

The kit includes two sets of wheels that are mounted using a standard 12mm hex. Tires and inserts are sold separately so you can use the treads and compounds you prefer.

The compact, one-piece wing mount is remarkably durable and provides plenty of rear tire clearance for the wing. The wing itself is 6.5 inches wide and made of 1.2mm thick Lexan material.

The distinctive shape of the mid-cab body design not only sets the buggy apart visually, but improves handling at high speeds.

The small diameter outdrives improve forward traction and allow you to corner faster because the differential includes tungsten carbide differential and thrust balls.

Ball Bearings
High quality C3 rubber-shielded ball bearings are used throughout the chassis

Hinge Pins
Like its shock shafts, the TLR 22-4 features a Ti-CN coating on the hinge pins, making them incredibly durable while reducing friction so the suspension moves more freely.

Aluminum Parts
The kit comes with several machined aluminum parts that give the chassis even more strength and durability. They include aluminum front and rear camber blocks, aluminum rear toe plates and aluminum spindle carriers.

Anti Squat
Rear anti-squat can quickly and easily be adjusted by adding or removing the included shims.

The 22-4 buggy was built for racers all over the world, that’s why all hardware including screws, nuts, hinge pins and bearings are in metric sizes.

Front Clicker
The Losi 22-4’s drivetrain can be set up for full-time 4WD or with an optional one-way clicker on the front. Using the clicker allows the front belt drive system to free wheel during deceleration for more off-power steering. Drivers can precisely set the amount of steering they want by adjusting the tension of the clicker spring.

TLR 22-4 Specs

  • Length: 16.5 in (419.1mm)
  • Width: 9.41 in (239.0mm)
  • Height: 6.50 in (165.1mm)
  • Wheelbase: 11.10 in (282.3mm)
  • Release date: January 2014
  • Part: TLR03005
  • Price: $470

TLR 22-4 Pictures

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  2. Hendricks

    Id buy it

  3. Bugz

    Holy freakin crap that is beautiful!

  4. Defan

    It amazes me that they’d use plastic shock towers on a car of this caliber and price.

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