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Team Durango DEX408T Electric Truggy

Team Durango DEX408T Electric TruggyThe new Team Durango DEX408T is the first and only 1/8th scale professional grade racing Truggy that requires no aftermarket conversion from its nitro powered counterpart. The DEX408T is not a nitro Truggy that has become an electric racing platform, it is an electric powered thoroughbred. 1/8th electric Truggy racing is a class that will be defined by this new truck. As usual, we’ve got tons of photos and more info on the new Durango DEX408T!

Suspension Hangers
Heavy-duty machined alloy suspension hangers, fitted front and rear, will give the Truggy strong and reliable suspension travel, even on the roughest tracks and off the biggest jumps. The DEX408T is engineered to perform under all the stresses of fast competition racing.

Machined alloy bulkheads provide the DEX408T gearbox and transmission assemblies with a solid and secure fitting.

Center Driveshaft Circlips
The safe and secure operation of the DEX408T drive shafts is The low maintenance operation of the DEX408T drive shafts is achieved with our revolutionary clip fitting system on the centre drive shafts. Designed to give you peace of mind even when the racing gets really tough!

Shock Towers
Specially designed with a wide range of race geometry options, the machined alloy shock towers perfectly support the precision engineered shock absorbers. Super strong and durable with full adjustability, the perfect complement to an electric racing Truggy that means business.

Spiral Machine Cut Gears
The strong and reliable drivetrain is the foundation of the DEX408Ts awesome speed on the track. Our precision designed spiral machine-cut gears have been extensively tested for performance and durability. Smooth and consistent, you can feel the quality as you drive to the win.

Suspension Tuning
Our designers have given you tuning and configuration options just like the pros use. Multiple positions for top- and bottom-shock location and camber links means you can fine-tune your truck to any track surface, and feel the benefit of our engineered racing heritage.

The Team Durango DEX408T is built to stand the punishment of off-road racing. Precision machined from high quality aluminum, the chassis is expertly engineered to provide superior race handling and unrivaled durability. Fitted with our custom designed side guards, that not only reduce the ingress of dirt and debris, but also provides greater torsional chassis flex control, the DEX408T chassis plate is a world class platform.

You will feel the benefit of our precision manufactured shock absorbers both on the track, and on your pit table when you need to tune and service your DEX408T. Large capacity shock cartridges teamed with strong aluminum hardware, will give your Truggy smooth and consistent handling characteristics no matter what track terrain you are faced with.

Dirt Protection
Dirt and mud are part of off-road racing. Our custom designed mud guards will keep your drive shafts clear of unwanted debris. Teamed with our super strong shock shaft boots that provide smooth shock absorber travel under all racing conditions, this Truggy is engineered to keep going when the track gets dirty!

Easy Access Diffs
Differential tuning and maintenance is a dream in the DEX408T with the easy access diff assemblies front and rear of the Truggy. You will experience no-nonsense gearbox adjustments in the pits, and will be forgiven for wondering how you ever got on before these essential features became available.

Diff Case Design
To complement our awesome differential design, the DEX408T is equipped with a host of performance enhancing features that will provide the ultimate transfer of brushless power. The ‘floating’ stress free diff case and machined alloy bearing holders will keep your Truggy silky smooth when the competition gets hot.

Battery Straps
In the Durango DEX408T your battery cells are treated to a snug and secure fitting with our custom hook & loop straps. The DEX408T will easily accommodate ROAR legal cells with the flexibility of increasing your power capacity and battery size as you get faster on the track. This custom battery retention system will take cells that measure up to 35mm in height.

Lightweight ESC Tray
The precision designed ESC and PT tray are manufactured from super durable and lightweight composite material. These items will provide a safe and easy access location for your essential electrical components.

Low Center Of Gravity
Electric Truggy racing just went low profile! The DEX408Ts low center of gravity and professional competition weight distribution will give you all the benefits of our Team Durango racing science. Your DEX408T will corner faster than the competition, jump easier than the rest of the field and transfer all the forward traction you could ever need thanks to its world class race geometry.

Team Durango DEX408T Specs:

  • Length: 17.9″ (455mm)
  • Width: 16.6″ (422mm)
  • Wheelbase: 14.8-15″ (375-382mm)
  • Weight: 141ox (4000g)
  • Availability: Mid June
  • Part: TD102026
  • Price: $580

Team Durango DEX408T Pictures:

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  1. Static X


  2. NitroSlash

    Durangos cars just get better and better. I’d love to see them take a crack at rock crawling or monster trucks. They’d probably be works of art.

  3. Blackfoot88

    Very nice!

  4. JT

    I wish my local hobby shop stocked parts for these I’d scoop one up in a second

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