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Team Durango DEX210 V2 Buggy

Team Durango DEX210 V2 The successor to the DEX210 buggy is here, meet the new Team Durango DEX210 V2! Durango’s multi-configuration gear box means you get race winning performance on all terrains with your choice of rear motor or mid motor configurations, all in one kit. Other features include new slim profile low drag suspension arms, the ability to run stick, saddle or shorty battery packs, adjustable front axles, an extended hard anodized chassis and a new cab forward body shell.

Rear Motor
Rear Motor configuration places your motor behind the rear driven axle. This configuration is good on medium to low grip surfaces such as clay and loose dirt. Your Team Durango DEX210v2 will benefit from the added rear-mounted weight, finding extra forward traction exiting corners and super-agile steering in tight areas of the track.

Mid Motor
Mid-Motor configuration places your motor in front of the driven rear axle. This configuration is good on high-grip surfaces such as Astro Turf, Carpet and High-Traction Dirt. Your DEX210v2 can carry excellent corner speed and provide lots of off power steering in this configuration.

Multiple Battery Positions
The DEX210v2 can accommodate all race specification LiPo battery cells in Saddle, Stick or Shorty configurations. This means that not only will you be able to select from a wide range of battery cells, but if you already own race specification cells, they fit. Teamed with the ability to adjust your battery position for advanced weight distribution, your DEX210 V2 has been designed to provide the perfect solution to owning mixed battery cell sizes. One car fits all. Moving your battery pack to the furthest forward position is a great way to gain more low speed steering response and faster jump attitude handling on ramp launches. Your battery pack pushed to the furthest rear position can be awesome when the grip level suddenly decreases.

Suspension Arms
New straight front suspension arms provide low drag due to their slim profile. Airflow is easily forced across the suspension arms at high-speed, making your DEX210v2 experience less lift caused by conventionally shaped arms. This will provide more responsive handling characteristics and also maximize stability on fast areas of your track.

Adjustable Front Axles
The Team Durango DEX210 V2 is capable of beating the competition in kit box configuration, and will also allow you to advance your tuning options as and when you require. Adjustability of the front axles, front and rear castor and toe configurations, and vehicle ride height are fast and easy thanks to the simple tuning refinements available on your DEX210v2. Learn how each adjustment will help your laps get faster.

The DEX210 V2 will always stand out from the crowd with the new v2 Cab-Forward body shell. Custom designed side-pods will allow you to fit your chosen electrics easily, and the specially designed roof fin and ultra-low rear body surface will make your DEX210v2 nimble through the corners, and super-stable at high-speed.


  • Mid Motor Length: 13.2″ (353mm)
  • Rear Motor Length: 14.5″ (368mm)
  • Wheelbase: 10.6″-11.2″ (274mm-282mm)
  • Weight: 1650g (58.2oz) approx.
  • Release Date: March 2014
  • Part: TD102028
  • Price: $275


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