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Home Onroad RC Team Durango DETC410 V2 Touring Car

Team Durango DETC410 V2 Touring Car

Team Durango DETC410 V2 Touring CarTeam Durango unveils the updated DETC410 V2 RC touring car! Developed during countless hours of track testing, the new DETC410 V2 is stiffer, lighter, stronger and faster than the original. The DETC410V2 kit provides two full sets of suspension arms, front hubs, front steering blocks and rear hubs, made of two different material values. This means you can tune your vehicle for peak performance, dependent on the ambient temperature, level of traction available and weather conditions.

Ball Cups
Revisions to the design of the DETC410v2 Ball Cups provide ultimate security for your chosen settings. Increased durability and improved impact resistance mean you can attack the track with confidence.

Suspension Arm Inserts
You can easily access a wide range of precision tuning options with the DETC410v2 Lower Suspension Arm Insert System. A revised design provides ultra-precise fitting, making set-up adjustments easily repeatable.

Your DETC410 v2 will provide ultra-smooth Diff operation, with revised softer O-Rings for consistent sealing. Diff Cross-Shaft tolerances have been rigorously tested and improved for super-smooth power transfer in all track conditions. Critical track performance vastly improved by smooth rotation of Bevel Gears.

Spur Gears
Included in your kit are a range of precision Spur Gears, allowing the use of specialist gearing configurations. The DETC410v2 will allow you to set up and balance your gearing selection for optimum performance. Click the PDF Gear Chart below to learn more. Kit now supplied with 86T, 100T and 116T Spur Gears in the kit box.

Motor Mount
A newly designed DETC410 V2 Motor Mount fitment now provides less opportunity for Chassis tweak during building and servicing, meaning you can hit the track confident your car is dialled.

Belt Drive
Super-smooth all-wheel belt-drive is at the heart of the DETC410v2, with dual BandoTM precision Belts to create ultra-efficient power transfer in all conditions. The newly designed front Spool Outdrives are stronger than ever, meaning you can be certain that you can harness fast and consistent Driveshaft operation, lap after lap.

Black coated aluminium Shock Bodies with precision threads. High quality gold anodised aluminium pre-load Collars for precise tuning adjustments. The ability to run either emulsion or bladder Shock Absorber set-ups, all in one unit. Choose to run one or two silcone O-rings in Shock Cartridges for custom set-up. Super-durable composite Shock Caps complete with bleed holes and Screws for fast and easy adjustments.

Battery Mount
Battery position can be adjusted with a range of settings from 0mm – 6mm. Ultra-fine-tune of 0mm – 1mm can be achieved using the optional outer Set-Screw. Battery mounts incorporate a tape/battery strap mounting slot. No need to pass tape/battery strap across the underside of the chassis plate. This reduces unwanted track surface friction.

Front anti-dive adjustments are also easily accessed using specially manufactured Shim Spacers
Super-durable composite material, long lasting performance. Front total range of adjustment from 0° – 6°. Shim Spacers are equipped with size gauge notches for easy size recognition.


  • Price: $400


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