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Team Durango DESC10 4wd Short Course Truck

Team Durango DESC10 4wd Short Course TruckWinning the most intense RC short course truck battles is now easier than ever with the release of the Team Durango DESC10 4wd! Designed to make you faster, faster on your pit table then on the track, the 1/10 scale DESC10 is loaded with innovative new features and built with 1/8 scale durability, to help you reduce your lap times and increase your speed, straight from the kit box. Command your local track with our toughest 4WD Short Course platform yet. Pilot the DESC10 and create your own racing revolution.

Your race machine features our Patent Pending Team Durango DESC10 sliding gear mesh. This super-innovative feature allows the heavy 1/8 scale electric Motor to always stay in the same position, regardless of adjustments you need to make.

  • Equalized weight distribution for consistent handling
  • Fast and easy Pinion changes for efficient gear tuning
  • Easy-access center Diff with no disruption to Motor position
  • Make your pit servicing faster so you can hit the track before your rivals

Featuring all-new Team Durango DESC10 independent active caster inserts, you can easily make the most of your dynamic adjustable Pivot Ball suspension. This provides fast and super-efficient vehicle tuning in minutes.

  • Ultra-consistent Pivot Ball Suspension for easy tuning and reliability on the track
  • Innovative Active Caster Inserts for convenient configuration changes in minutes
  • Wide range of set-up options straight from the kit
  • Precision manufactured composite parts for long-lasting durability

Fast access to the innovative front and rear DESC10 Gearbox and Differentials provides hassle-free servicing and fast oil tuning options. Faster maintenance equals more time on the track.

  • Fast-release Gearbox Covers for quick servicing in the pits
  • Lightweight Differential Cross Shafts for super-efficient power transfer
  • High-quality hardware for consistent maintenance and reduced pitting time

Your Team Durango DESC10 race machine is designed to save you time on your pit table, making you faster to prepare for the intense race action. The easy-access Center Differential allows you to service your car faster when under pressure.

  • Easy-access Center Diff cover for fasts servicing
  • Aluminum Mounting Posts for reduced vehicle weight and consistent maintenance
  • Remove just four Screws for fast access

At the heart of your Team Durango DESC10 is a premium-quality 7075 T6 Aluminum hard-anodized Chassis. 3mm thick and featuring precision manufactured hardware mounting holes; you will feel the benefit of this strong and durable platform as you hit the track, whilst also enjoying the ease of smooth and efficient servicing when you are in the pits.

  • Premium-quality Aluminum for reduced vehicle weight and consistent hardware fitting
  • Milled Shock Tower profile for reduced weight and increased durability
  • Etched parts for cool styling and quality assurance

Discover the key to fast and stress-free race kit building with our premium pre-assembled parts. Get into the race action faster than ever before. Push your vehicle harder knowing you can trust Team Durango pre-built assembly quality.

  • Trouble-free assembly for reduced kit build time
  • Factory-quality pre-built items reduce opportunity for errors
  • Hit the track faster than your rivals

Even the most demanding track conditions can be easily conquered with super-smooth 16mm aluminum Big Bore Shocks. You will experience faster laps and super-smooth Shock servicing as standard.

  • Precision manufactured Shock Bodies and Vented Aluminium Shock Caps for consistent operation in all conditions
  • Increased set-up flexibility with Constant Velocity or Emulsion configurations
  • Anodized Shock Caps for increased durability and cool looks
  • Precision Shock Body threads for smooth ride-height adjustments in seconds

Your ability to finish each race, no matter how demanding the track action gets, is increased immediately. Cleaning and maintenance is made fast and easy with specially designed features to make your racing easier, straight from the kit box.

  • Super-strong Shock Cap Covers help reduce damage when vehicle rolls
  • Rear Mud Guards help keep Drive Shafts operating efficiently in all conditions
  • Rear Mud Scrapers to help keep your wheels spinning freely
  • Easier and faster vehicle cleaning allows you to spend more time focused on tuning

Increased durability and ultra-smooth operation will make you faster, for longer, race after race.

  • Premium-grade aluminum Inserts for reduced friction wear and heat. Anodized black for added durability. Precision factory molded into Gearbox cases for added fitment security
  • Super-durable steel Universal Joint Drive Shafts for super-smooth operation
  • Simple and consistent tuning options help you advance your vehicle performance, saving time in the pits with ultra-flexible set-up configurations as standard.
  • Fast Insert changes provide instant configuration alterations you can feel through the transmitter
  • Equalized geometry alterations make learning new set-ups easier
  • Faster tuning equals more time on the track
  • Easily-shared set-up statistics for faster learning as you get faster
  • Black anodized aluminum Suspension Hangers
  • Strength and durability will allow you to push harder for the win, knowing your vehicle can take added punishment when you are driving fast. If you can survive the knocks and bangs, you can finish your race.
  • 4mm Rear Steel Hingepins for increased crash resistance
  • Stay racing for longer than the rivals when the action is demanding

You can easily create custom weight configurations as you experience the increased speed and consistent handling of DESC10 Pro Battery layout options. Experience reduced lap times and agile jump-handling as you explore new exciting options.

  • Easy-access Battery position tuning inserts for fast configuration changes
  • Take control of your vehicle weight distribution without complicated mathematics
  • Gain the track advantage over your rivals

Servicing has never been easier. Standardized hardware and precision manufactured mounting holes mean you will save time every race meeting. Turn that saved time into a track advantage by being ready for action quicker.

  • Durable Steel Screws and Nuts for long-lasting, hassle-free operation
  • Standardized Screw head sizes for fast and easy tool selection
  • Precision manufactured threads for consistent servicing


  • Price: $450


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