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Team Associated TC7.1 PSD Shock System

Team Associated TC7.1 PSD Shock SystemNow you can add progressive damping to your Team Associated TC7.1 shocks with the new PSD (Position Sensitive Damping) Shock System. The PSD’s progressive damping is determined by the piston’s position in the shock body. The more the shock is compressed, the more damping, giving the shocks a plusher feel. The secret lies in the tapered slots in the sleeves. As the piston passes through the narrower slot openings, more pack is achieved.

The pistons have no holes, so damping is controlled as the shock fluid passes through the sleeves’ tapered slots. Normal assembly has narrow point of sleeve slots at top to increase the damping rate as the shock compresses. They are typically used on asphalt to give more responsive steering.


  • Part: 31751
  • Price: $26


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