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Team Associated TC6 Front One Way Diff

Team Associated TC6.1 TC6 One Way DiffIf you run your Team Associated TC6 touring car on a high grip track there is a new upgrade option available that will really put it on rails. The new Front One Way Diff from Team Associated acts like an ordinary differential in that it allows one wheel to turn at a different speed than the other but with one very important difference, this diff has a one way assembly built into it. That means under deceleration the car’s front wheels are disconnected from the drivetrain allowing their traction to be used solely for turning which results in increased steering. This part is designed to fit both the Team Associated TC6 and TC6.1 touring cars.

Part: #31340
MSRP Price: $49.99


Team Associated TC6.1 TC6 One Way Diff
Source: Team Associated

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  1. Sebastian Andersson

    I have more one way diff ?

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