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Team Associated RC10 Worlds Car Re-Released!

Team Associated RC10 Worlds Car From the second we heard Team Associated was re-releasing the original RC10 gold pan buggy, we knew it was just a matter of time before that beloved Stealth transmission was re-released too. However, we never would have guessed that the Stealth would include a full buggy along with it. You heard right, Team Associated is re-releasing another RC10 buggy, this time it’s the RC10 Worlds Car, the very same one that Brian Kinwald won the 1993 IFMAR Worlds with!

The Team Associated RC10 Worlds Car Kit re-release will feature most of the parts that the original car had including the black hard anodized aluminum chassis, black motor mount, black nose brace tubes, Stealth tranny and ball diff. It will also feature an updated set of V2 hard anodized aluminum threaded shocks with plastic bleeder caps, stronger V2 slipper clutch, updated CVA axles and improved plastics. More info to follow, stay tuned!


  • Black hard anodized T6 machined aluminum chassis
  • Stealth 3 gear transmission with ball diff
  • V2 slipper clutch
  • Turbo Mirage body
  • 5.5” wing
  • Replica vintage decals
  • V2 threaded hard anodized T6 aluminum shocks with molded bleeder caps
  • Independent suspension with durable long front arms and refined geometry
  • Inline aluminum front axles and 30 degree caster blocks
  • Fiber composite shock towers and battery strap
  • Graphite transmission brace
  • Updated CVA axle drivetrain
  • Worlds Car bellcrank steering
  • 2.2” one piece wheels
  • Steel turnbuckles
  • Ball bearing set


  • Length: 15″ (381mm)
  • Width: 8.93″ (248mm)
  • Wheelbase: 10.33-10.54″ (262.5-267.7mm)
  • Release Date: April 2014
  • Part: 6002
  • Price: $270


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4 Responses

  1. Brian

    I wish they would have released this first

  2. Hendricks

    Very nice!!!

  3. Ricker

    This is cool but I really wish they would have kept making the gold pan. I just don’t see the point of rereleasing it only to discontinue it so fast. I was hoping they’d sell them long enough that vintage racing series can get started. Thats kinda hard to do when they’re going for over $400 on ebay already. What are you thinking associated?

    • mak

      Thats exactly how I feel. I sooooo want to get one of these to use as a backyard basher but I’m afraid they’ll discontinue it in a month and I won’t be able to get replacement parts for it.

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