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Team Associated RC10 Gold Pan Re-Release

RC10 Gold Pan Re-releaseAfter much speculation Team Associated has officially announced that it will indeed be bringing back the RC10 Gold Pan buggy! Word is the Team Associated RC10 Classic, as it will be dubbed, will be the same basic car you loved in the 80’s with just a few tweaks to bring it up to today’s standards including a new battery tray that will be compatible with Lipo battery packs. Team Associated will be displaying the RC10 Classic at this weekend’s RCX Radio Control Expo held in Long Beach, CA. Expect to see the car on hobby shop shelves later this summer for around $250! 

RC10 Classic Features and Specs:

  • Limited edition
  • 6061-T6 aluminum gold pan chassis
  • 6 Gear transmission
  • Oil filled gold anodized shocks
  • Vari-lok ball differential
  • ProTech body with driver and wing
  • Pro-Line tires
  • Part: 6001
  • Price: $250

RC10 Classic Pictures

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20 Responses

  1. Rick

    Very nice! I had an rc 10 gold pan buggy when I was like fifteen and loved it. It kills me to this day that I traded it to the kid next door for a bike.

    • SlashNitro

      Same here. I had the original gold pan and sold it about five years ago. Have been kicking myself ever since.

    • Tima

      Wish i never sold my rc10. If this one comes with the stealth tranny you can count me in!

      • bugzy2

        Exactly what I was going to ask. Will it have the stealth? How many will be made?

        • Team Associated hasn’t said yet but the rumor is it will have the older transmission with just 2500 units made. They’re supposedly testing the waters to see if there is enough demand for these. I suspect if enough people buy they’ll probably keep popping them out. Personally I’d love to see the RC10T brought back with the skinny front tires and all.

          • bugzy2

            Only 2500 that is a bummer. Why do I feel they’re all going to be on ebay for twice the price?

  2. Radical13


  3. Johny

    Finally the rc10 is back!

  4. hardtime

    I’ve been waiting for this forever maybe now I can get parts for my original shelf queen.

  5. griggs

    Best news Ive heard all year! This would look sweet next to my gold pan shelf queen and finally I can have an actual runner.

  6. Defan

    See this is exactly why I switched to losi. Team associated has given up and now all they’re going to do is bring back old junk like tamiya. First it was the 18t now this old crapper. Who the heck would want some old car like this anyway?

  7. RobC

    I’m glad they finally released it but that price is too much in my opinion. I was hoping for something in the sub $200 range.

  8. leets

    Seriously no stealth transmission!?!?!

    • I believe Team Associated mentioned something about the chassis still being compatible with the Stealth transmission. I can’t promise anything but that leads me to believe the Stealth will be available separately.

  9. carl

    What happened to the team associated that made high end race cars? All I see from them these days are aged minis, rtr touring cars and this thing from thirty years ago. What was the last big buggy update from them, a rerelease of the ten year old b4 with different shocks on it? Get with it already!

  10. BillyO

    This blows. I was hoping they would rerelease these with good parts support so we could run a vintage class at my local track. But hearing these are limited makes me wonder if the parts will be too. Nobody is going to buy a car the manufacturer isnt totally behind from the beginning. Making these limit will just result in them all being relegated to display models like the original. Come on ae rerelease these the right way so we can actually run them!!!

  11. Blackfoot88

    Im glad to see they finally rereleased the rc10 but why not include the stealth transmission?

  12. JT

    Just placed an order for two!!!

  13. Adam12

    I find it funny that everyone was begging for the rc10 to be rereleased for the last ten years and now that it is you all want to crap on ae for doing so.

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