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Tamiya RCThe Tamiya Corporation was founded in Shizuoka, Japan in 1946 by the late Yoshio Tamiya. Back then it was not the giant RC car and model company you know today. Believe it or not, Tamiya originally started as a sawmill and lumber supply business. A year later, Tamiya began selling scale model ships out of the wood they were producing. By 1953, Tamiya had completely stopped selling architectural lumber to focus solely on model making. With wooden models becoming less popular, and plastic models taking their place, in 1959, Tamiya began manufacturing their very own plastic models. Their first plastic model was of the Japanese battle ship, the Yamamoto.

That is all very interesting but where do the RC cars come into play? In 1976, Tamiya took the molds they had created for a Porsche 934 model and used it to build their very first Radio Controlled model car. Amazingly, Tamiya actually purchased a Porsche 911 to dismantle and study it in order to build the best model they possibly could. While the model of the Porsche 934 never sold well, the RC version sold like hotcakes. To commemorate their 30th Anniversary of RC car buidling, in 2006, Tamiya re-released a limited edition version of the Porsche 934. Since creating that first RC car, Tamiya has gone on to build some of the most well known radio controlled models ever created including the Clod Buster and the Blackfoot. Both trucks helped spawn their own lineage of upgrades and competitor vehicles.

Tamiya never forgot about static models though. To this very day they still produce some of the most wonderfully detailed models you can buy, as well as battery and solar powered education models, model paints, and even their own line of model building hand tools.

Tamiya RC Car Pictures

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