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Tamiya TXT-1 Build Pictures

Tamiya TXT-1 Build PicturesOne of the more visually stunning RC trucks to ever come out of the Tamiya factory has to be the TXT-1 monster truck. From afar it looks basically like a Tamiya Clod Buster with an aftermarket chassis, but up close it’s a different story completely. Unlike the Clod, with its dual axle mounted motors, the Tamiya TXT-1 features dual motors that are mounted up in the chassis. Power runs from the transmission, through driveshafts, and out to the axles, just like a full size monster truck. Even better, the TXT-1 features a beautifully machined aluminum chassis, a four link suspension, sway bars and a set of chrome wheels. In reality, the only thing the TXT-1 and Clod Buster have in common are those giant chevron tires. I’ve been wanting to build one of these awesome trucks since I first laid my eyes on one and I have finally gotten that chance. Follow along as I document the build of the Tamiya TXT-1 with over 90 pictures!

As we’ve come to expect from every Tamiya product, the TXT-1 comes packed in a beautifully designed box.
Tamiya TXT-1 Box Art

Your first view when you open the TXT-1’s box is of that beautiful aluminum chassis. Also notice that the tires come pre-mounted.
Tamiya TXT-1 Box

Tamiya didn’t stop on the outside of the box, the artwork continues inside too.
Tamiya TXT-1 Box Art

A really nice surprise you’ll find in the TXT-1’s box is that it comes with two bodies. You heard right, the TXT-1 comes with two bodies. One is pre-painted just like the box art, while the second is clear so you can style your TXT1 however you’d like. More manufacturers should do this.
Tamiya TXT-1 Body

Here is another picture of the TXT-1 pre-painted body
Tamiya TXT-1 Body

And a shot of the clear version as well
Tamiya TXT-1 Clear Body

Here is another photo of the Tamiya TXT-1’s aluminum frame rail. From the factory the TXT-1 chassis has a brushed look to it but it wouldn’t take much work to polish them to a mirror shine. Tamiya offers an optional blue anodized lightweight version of this chassis too.
Tamiya TXT-1 Chassis

The Tamiya TXT-1 includes two 540 silver can style motors and a mechanical speed control.
Tamiya TXT-1 Motors and MSC

As always, Tamiya makes an owners manual that is second to none
Tamiya TXT-1 Owners Manual

Check out those sweet TXT-1 decals. Oddly enough there are no headlight/taillight decals for the second body.
Tamiya TXT-1 Original Decals

Another picture of the Tamiya TXT1’s decal sheet
Tamiya TXT-1 Decals

The TXT-1 includes chrome wheels with a giant set of tires. While the tires are the same as the ones that come with the Clod Buster, the wheels have a different mounting pattern. You can still mount these wheels on a Clod, or vice versa, as long as you use the right wheel hubs.
Tamiya TXT-1 Wheels and Tires

With dual motors, a chassis mounted transmission and two axles, is it any wonder why the TXT-1 comes with so many gears?
Tamiya TXT-1 Gears

Here is a shot of just a small fraction of the parts that make up the TXT-1
Tamiya TXT-1 Parts Tree

The TXT-1 comes equipped with four coil over oil filled shock absorbers
Tamiya TXT-1 Shocks

Here is a pic of the transmission case
Tamiya TXT-1 Transmission Case

The TXT-1 battery hold down. Tamiya makes a blue anodized aluminum version of this too.
Tamiya TXT-1 Battery Hold Down

This is a TXT-1 wheel hub. If you’re familiar with Clod Busters you might be able to see why Clod wheels won’t work with these hubs, the holes are too big. The good news is, both Clod and TXT hubs use the same brass hex so you can use either truck’s hubs.
Tamiya TXT-1 Wheel Hub

Here is a shot of the TXT1’s axle cases still on the parts tree
Tamiya TXT-1 Axle Parts

The transmission starts going together…
Tamiya TXT-1 Transmission Assembly

Tamiya TXT-1 Transmission

Tamiya TXT-1 Transmission

…and gets mounted in the chassis
Tamiya TXT-1 Build Pics

Tamiya TXT-1 Chassis Build

Here is a picture of the right angle part of the TXT-1 axle gears. The gear on the upper right meshes with the differential gear on the other side.
Tamiya TXT-1 Axle Gears

Tamiya TXT-1 Axle Diff

And just like that we’ve got two Tamiya TXT-1 axles assembled and ready to go in the truck
Tamiya TXT-1 Axles

Tamiya TXT-1 Solid Axles

The TXT-1 oil filled shock absorbers
Tamiya TXT-1 Oil Filled Shocks

Axles and shocks mounted to the chassis, Check out that sexy four link setup
Tamiya TXT-1 Build

Detail shot of the TXT-1 aluminum chassis…
Tamiya TXT-1 Chassis Details

…and its sway bars. My only gripe about the entire truck is what you see here. Why oh why did Tamiya disgrace this beautiful truck with those cheap zip ties holding the sway bars in place? There had to be a better way.
Tamiya TXT-1 Driveshaft and Sway Bars

Check out those cantilevered shocks
Tamiya TXT-1 Cantilever Shocks

Another shot of the TXT-1 four link suspension
Tamiya TXT-1 Suspension

Our TXT-1 is using just one steering servo up front, but Tamiya includes everything you need to mount a second servo out back to give your TXT-1 four wheel steering
Tamiya TXT-1 Axle Steering

The Tamiya TXT-1 battery tray
Tamiya TXT-1 Battery Tray

Here is the Tamiya TXT-1 chassis completely assembled
Tamiya TXT-1 Chassis

And here she is all assembled with the pre-painted body, but what to do with that clear body? What to do, what to do?
Tamiya TXT-1 Stock body

How about an American flag paint scheme!
Tamiya TXT-1 Paint

Another picture of our Tamiya TXT-1 with its custom paint job
Tamiya TXT-1 Body Paint Job

Time to play!!!
Tamiya TXT-1 Rock Jump

One of the things we found really funky about the TXT-1 is that, thanks to its chassis mounted motors, it tends to pull the left front wheel up when you slam on the throttle. I think the shocks and sway bars will need some tweaking to fix this “problem”.
Tamiya TXT-1 Wheely

Tamiya TXT-1 action shot!
Tamiya TXT-1 Wheels Up

The TXT-1 isn’t a rock crawler but that sure didn’t stop it from going where it wanted
Tamiya TXT-1 Rock Crawling

One last shot, see even more pictures below!
Tamiya TXT-1 Wheelie

More Tamiya TXT-1 Build Pictures

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