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Tamiya Officially Announces Bullhead Re-release

Last month there was some speculation that the Tamiya Bullhead monster truck would be making a reappearance in the RC world and today Tamiya has officially announced its re-release! While the new Tamiya Bullhead remains mostly unchanged from the original it now includes a Tamiya TEU-106BK twin motor electronic speed control which replaces the original’s mechanical unit. For those who weren’t in the radio controlled hobby when it was originally produced in the early 90’s you may not realize that the Tamiya Bullhead shares most of its parts with the highly popular Tamiya Clod Buster. The difference between the two trucks, other than their bodies, has all to do with the colors of the plastic pieces that make up the kits. The Clod had a black chassis, white wheels and red suspension components while the Bullhead was delivered with a red chassis, yellow suspension components and chrome wheels and ladder bars. Recently Tamiya also announced the re-release of the Super Clod Buster, which utilizes blue plastics to replace the original Clod’s red parts.

The Tamiya Bull Head monster truck features a large semi truck inspired body featuring a chrome plated grille, air cleaners, exhaust pipes, roll bar, and fuel tanks. Each corner of the truck is supported by dual coil spring friction dampers supporting thr truck’s dual gearboxes. Massive 165mm diameter tires, as well as a 4-wheel steering system, help navigate this large truck around tight corners.

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2 Responses

  1. Dave

    Awesome! I’ve had numerous clodbusters over the years and have always kicked myself for not buying a bullhead kit when i had the chance.

  2. Rick

    The clod is one of the best rc trucks of all time. Glad to see tamiya rerelease the bullhead now as well.

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