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Tamiya Bullhead

Tamiya BullheadThis photo brings back some great memories. When yours truly was just a kid I saved every penny I came across, including Christmas and birthday gifts, to buy one of these bad boys. Meet the Tamiya Bullhead, the lesser known, long lost sister truck to the highly popular Tamiya Clod Buster. Like the Clod, the Bullhead featured dual motors, four wheel drive and four wheel steering. In fact, it shared just about every single component with the Clod Buster including its dual axles, plastic tub chassis and giant chevron pattern tires. The only differences between the two trucks, other their bodies, was the color of their parts. The Clod featured a black chassis, black ladder bars, red bumpers and shocks, and white wheels. The Bullhead had a red chassis, yellow shocks and bumpers, and chrome ladder bars and wheels. The Bullhead also included steel braces to strengthen the suspension mounting points on the chassis.

While both trucks were very similar, the Clod was definitely the more popular of the two, and thanks to it’s lower profile body, it also handled better. But to those of us who chose the Bullhead over the Clod, it holds a special place in our hearts. There isn’t a time that I come across a picture of the Bullhead where I’m not immediately transported back to that day in the 90s when I received that giant box from Tower Hobbies and first pulled those massive tires out of the box. Update: Since posting this article I have gotten my hands on another Tamiya Bullhead. Check out the time lapse build video here!


Source: Danandsherree.com

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