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Tamiya Bullhead Body Projects

Tamiya Bullhead Body ProjectsWhile we’ve always been big fans of the Tamiya Bullhead monster truck, you have to admit that its semi tractor style body is less than optimum for performance. Not only was it much heavier than a comparable lexan body, but its super high center of gravity meant that your Bullhead would tip over in a light breeze. Apparently many Bullhead owners chose to replace their lid with something else because we’ve been seeing quite a few projects based around its body. Check them out below and be sure to let us know if you are building a Bullhead body based project.

The owner of this truck began his project with little more than an Axial SCX10 Dingo and a Tamiya Bullhead body. While the truck looked pretty freakin’ amazing after it’s initial build, the project just kept evolving, from a 4×4 with a hand made bed, to a full blown 6×6 rock crawler with an aluminum chassis extension, custom made wooden flatbed, and a stunning aged paint job. (Source)
Tamiya Bullhead Body ProjectTamiya Bullhead Body ProjectTamiya Bullhead Body Custom PaintTamiya Bullhead 6x6 Rock Crawler

While this Tamiya Bullhead body project make look similar to the truck above, the beauty is in all those hand made details. This truck features a custom made aluminum channel frame chassis sitting on three Tamiya TLT axles with a three speed transmission out of a Tamiya High Lift. If that wasn’t cool enough the owner even made his own custom mud tires and flatbed. And of course, it is topped with a Tamiya Bullhead body. (Source)
6x6 Rock Crawler with Tamiya Bullhead Body6x6 Rock Crawler with Tamiya Bullhead Body

In the complete opposite direction of the two trucks above, this Bullhead body project isn’t a truck at all. Its actually based on the Kyosho Blizzard snow cat. A number of members of the Making Trax forum were trying out different bodies on their Blizzards and one chose the Bullhead body. A purple and green paint job and a cool grill mounted skull and you’ve got a Blizzard like none other. (Source)
Tamiya Bullhead Body on Kyosho BlizzardTamiya Bullhead Body on Kyosho Blizzard

Anyone know of any other cool Tamiya Bullhead body based projects?

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  1. david

    iv got somthing ul like buddy ..i can not post a pic of it on here somehow?..iv made a 6×6 crawler

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