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Slash Roars into New Territory with On-Board Audio

The Traxxas Slash RC short course truck roars into new territory with the On-Board Audio System! With the touch of a button and the flick of a switch, the sound of a 900+ horsepower engine revs to life. Powerful and loud, you will hear and feel the thunder and speed of short course racing! Supercharge your driving fun with this intuitive sound, sampled from actual Traxxas team trucks, featuring authentic gear shifting and engine revving mode. The Traxxas On-Board Audio System is rugged and waterproof for the thrill of all-weather driving. The adjustable volume lets you control the sound—think of it as the option to run mufflers or open headers. Go full-throttle and race with a friend, and push the scale-realism to a whole new level.

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  1. Pamela Clarey

    awesome will we be able to purchage audio system for are slash and grinder thank you ur no. one

    • Sorry for the late reply, I just noticed I accidentally replied to the wrong comment. Doh!

      From what I understand, the Slash with on board audio has specific mounting holes for the module and speakers, as well as an extra wire on the ESC to connect the module to. So converting your Slash would probably be a bit harder than you’d think. However, I’ve heard that Traxxas may offer conversion kits in the future that will make things easier, and they will likely offer them for multiple Traxxas models. Another option would be the Team associated on board audio system. It includes everything you need to install it in any of your trucks and is now being sold. You can see it here http://rcnewz.com/?p=17119

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