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Serpent Project 4x Vertical Top Deck Kit

Serpent Project 4x Vertical Top Deck KitSerpent announces the new Vertical Top Deck Kit for the Project 4x RC touring car. It consists of two equally shaped vertically oriented 2.5mm carbon fiber plates. The plates are connected to the front and rear suspension with a machined aluminum adapter plate. Unlike flat top decks, the vertical oriented double top deck still allows a lot of linear torsional flex, but basically eliminates any longitudinal tweaking and reduces torsional tweak drastically. It can be run in addition to the kit aluminum center stiffener. The H-shaped stiffener plate can be removed when the topdeck is used to create more flex in the front and rear section of the car. To stiffen up the assembly further, there are two topdeck stiffeners available which connect the vertical double topdeck to the center stiffener/motor mount assembly. Both can be used individually, to tune front and rear flex individually. With these optional parts the Project 4x touring car can be adapted to any track condition from high to low bite, carpet, asphalt, hot and cold temperature. Also with the top deck the Project 4x is almost immune to tweak due to crashes.


  • Release Date: Mid June 2017
  • 401738 – Project 4x Vertical Top Deck Kit
  • 401741 – Project 4x Vertical Top Deck Stiffener


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