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Serpent Project 4x Touring Car

Serpent Project 4x RC Touring CarSerpent Racing announces the new Project 4x RC touring car! The Serpent 4x features an innovative front and rear cantilevered single-damper suspension system that is designed to lower the car’s center of gravity. In the 4X car the heave and roll of the car operate and are set independently. The front and rear end of the car are almost identical in design and share many of the same parts front and rear, so you need less different spares. Other features include a 7075 T6 aluminum motor mount, an aluminum chassis brace, a rear gear differential and front spool, 2.0mm carbon fiber chassis, floating servo mount, inverse lever steering system and much more. Read more about the Serpent 4x’s unique suspension system after the break and let us know what you think in the comments below.

Heave damper
On the Serpent 4x there is one have damper in the front and one in the rear and they work in the same way. The heave damper is located just above the chassis to lower the center of gravity. Pull rods which are connected to the upper arms link to the rocker system. The rocker system is connected through a swivel unit to the heave damper and roll damper unit. The small heave damper has a small strong shock absorber spring and is oil filled. Different oils and springs can be used for setup work, influencing mainly bump and on-throttle/off-throttle transitions. It is easy to access from the bottom of the chassis. The ride height is set with a simple one screw setting in the chassis, both front and rear.

Roll damper
The Serpent Project 4x roll damper unit consist of an oil body for dampening with a through shaft and has a small spring on each side. This unit controls the roll of the chassis, it works as an anti-roll bar.
Different oils and springs can be used for setup work. The whole unit comes out after releasing just 2 screws. One can have complete roll damper assemblies ready to change settings in seconds.

Chassis stiffener
The 7075 T6 central aluminum brace takes care of the connection between front and rear end and prevents unwanted tweak and takes care of torsional stress. For most situations it eliminates the need of a top deck.

Motor mount
Extremely low 7075 T6 aluminum motor mount which doubles up as connector for the midshaft holders, connection for the RRS system, holder for the aluminum stiffener and connector to the central brace, all-in one.

Gear differential
The Serpent 4x’s nicely shaped renewed gear differential features new internal gears which makes it super smooth. The compact and light unit holds a good amount of oil to deliver stable performance throughout the run. It is fast and easy to take out and re-mount the differential.

Front spool
The 4x coated aluminum front spool with lightened spring steel outdrives is a blade type which ensures superb handling and durability throughout the race, and it is easy to exchange blades as needed. It is fast and easy to take out and re-mount the spool. The spring steel is strong enough that you can easily finish your run even with a broken blade without damaging the outdrives too much.

The transmission system consist of large diff and spool pullies and efficient low friction belts. The light center shaft pullies are durable coated aluminum units.

Mid shaft section
The ball raced durable hollow spring steel mid shaft holds the 2 pullies as well as the spur in place. The assembly is super easy to build and maintain. The aluminum mid shaft holder are same left and right.

High quality, high precision lubricated long life bearings made of hardened steel throughout.

High quality steel fasteners for durability. Minimized number of different screws for ease of assembly and maintenance.

The Serpent Project 4x features a 2.0mm carbon fiber chassis. Countersunk holes and designed to have equal flex left to right.The screws to set ride height are adjusted from the bottom of the chassis with just one screw in front and one in the rear with a simple and effective mechanism to adjust the ride height.

Battery mounts
State of the art battery mounts made in aluminum and carbon fiber and allow to position the battery more tot he front or back and secure it well in place. Shorty lipos can be placed centered, in front or rearward position.

Floating servo mount
The Serpent 4x servo mount is a combination of a carbon brace and aluminum posts. The carbon brace is bolted to the central brace and does not touch the chassis to prevent any flex influence.

Steering system
The ball raced aluminum steering system consists of an inversed lever system to better control the Ackermann setting. The angle difference between the inside and outside wheel is a lot more linear than in conventional designs.

In the front the Serpent 4x features durable spring steel double joint cardan shafts, combined with the blade type spool. In the rear lightweight coated aluminum cvd style dog bones are used with durable spring steel wheel axles. Both front and rear wheel hexes are a lightweight aluminum design.

Steering blocks / uprights
In the front and rear the same steering blocks/uprights are in use. The pivot ball system allows for easy and quick set-up changes and works very smoothly. In the front there are 3 Ackermann positions and shimming below the steering rod can be used for fine tuning of the bump steer characteristics. In the rear the system allows to set Reactive Rear Steering. This RRS system allows for a change of toe-in while the suspension compresses and thus increases corner speed.

Wishbones / pull rods / rockers
The Serpent 4x lower wishbones are the same front and rear and the same goes for the upper arms. The lower arm mounts of 2 short pivot pins and the mounts have a lot of space to play with wheelbase by using clips. The lower arms also feature 2 down stop screws front and rear. The upper wishbones allow quick caster changes with clips and run on an easily removable long pivot pin.

Rocker and pull rods system
The pull rods connect to the upper arms and operate the ball raced aluminum rocker system which activates the dampening systems for heave and roll action. All track rods and pull rods are made in coated lightweight and tough 7075 T6 aluminum.

Aluminum upper hinge pin holders and stiffeners
The assembly is split in 2 sections to allow for easy maintenance and change of settings. The inner top brace connects both sides and creates a very strong structure preventing tweak. The top brace is connected to the lower brackets with aluminum stiffeners. These stiffeners can be easily removed in case more flex is needed. The assembly rest on roll center spacers. To add additional shims for changed camber gain and roll center is a simple and quick setting.


  • Release Date: October 2016
  • Part: 400030
  • Price: TBA


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