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Serpent F110 F1 Car

Serpent F110 F1 CarOwning a full sized F1 car is out of reach for most people but Serpent wants to put a 1/10 scale version in your hands with their all new F110 RC Formula 1 car! The Serpent F110 features a 2mm narrow carbon fiber chassis, light weight aluminum rear axle and a large volume aluminum rear shock. It is designed to be run with standard or shorty 2S lipo packs and with your choice of foam or rubber tires. The kit includes the chassis assembly, as well as the front and rear wings. Wheels, tires and body sold separately.

Carbon fiber chassis in 2mm, narrow chassis in high quality woven carbon fiber, stiff type, but enough flex to create more grip as needed. Countersunk holes n the bottom to create an even surface. Machined section in the bottom to allow use of battery tape

Battery Holders
Fit Shorty and Normal packs, the Serpent F110 is designed in such away that you can use either type of battery. In case you use the Shorty packs, you have space to put the battery in the middle and the receiver and ESC on either side. In case of a standard 2S pack, the kit includes the 2 carbon side-plates, so the ESC and receiver can be mounted on the side of the chassis, still centrally to retain a perfect balance. For both situations the right battery-holders are supplied.

The steering blocks are spring loaded on the kingpin, and feature pivot balls for adjustment and create super smooth suspension travel. Various springs available.

Servo Saver and Mount
The servo-holder is a superbly machined jewel, in T6 aluminum, lightweight and very rigid. Grey anodized and lightened. The mount doubles as front suspension holder and fits both regular as low servo’s. A nice spring loaded servo-saver is included.

Adjustable Ride Height
To suit both rubber and foam tires, the Serpent F110 chassis offers the possibility to easily change the ride height with spacers. The spacers needed are already included, 1, 2 and 3 mm ones.

Front Suspension
The fully adjustable front suspension allows for camber and caster changes, as well as toe and roll center adjustment. The manual shows a good easy starting point as base set-up. The lower wishbones are in durable carbon fiber, but allow for enough flex. The upper track rods are used to change the set-up to your demands. By changing length of the rods and playing with shims, many set-ups can be tried.

Large Volume Shock
The Serpent F110 features a pivot ball mounted big bore hydraulic central shock absorber of the RCCX type connects to upper front and rear assembly. The small shock tower offers 3 holes for set-up changes. The membrane type shock absorber feature a hardened shock rod, smooth o-ring/shim package and a threaded housing to enable spring preload changes with very small increments. The shock spring is selected and ground flat for equal action. More spring types and silicone oils available to play with set-up.

Rear Suspension
The spring loaded pivot ball mounted side-links interact with the single silicone oil filled tube and the central upper shock absorber to create maximum grip with the rear tires.

Rear End
Strong carbon fiber lower pod and rear plate and aluminum power pod sides. The right aluminum motor holder fits most commonly used motors. The light aluminum rear axle seats in bearings in nylon ride height inserts. All 5 types ride height inserts are included in the kit.

Aluminum Rear Axle
The light aluminum rear axle is more durable and comes close to the weight of a carbon fibre one.

Front and Rear Wings
Strong front nylon wing which fits most common lexan wings, the nylon front bumper / wingmount sits flush with the chassis and mounts rigidly with 2 large screws to the chassis. The bumper will absorb hard frontal crashes and mounts the lexan top wing, of which most commonly used ones fit easily. The lexan front wing is secured with 4 small screws. 2 lexan wings included, high and medium down force. The front body post is molded as integral part of the bumper. Large durable white rear wing, the high downforce rear wing with 2 layers connects to the carbon rear plate. Rear wings from common other brands will also fit.

Serpent F110 F1 Features:

  • Carbon fiber chassis plate in 2.5mm
  • Chassis and holders allow Shorty and Normal packs
  • Strong front nylon wing which fits most common lexan wings
  • 2 Lexan wings included, high and medium downforce
  • Front track rod suspension with strong 3mm lower carbon wishbones
  • Durable spring loaded steering blocks with upper pivot ball
  • Adjustable ride height to suit both rubber and foam tyres
  • Super strong machined aluminum servo holder and strong servo saver
  • Large volume main central shock absorber RCCX type; threaded housing
  • Spring loaded Link-type rear suspension with single tube
  • Carbon fiber body mount, doubles as side spring holder and tube holder
  • Captured pivot ball connection
  • Pan car style rear end with a strong carbon fiber and aluminum power pod
  • Strong and light aluminum rear axle
  • Durable and light ball-differential, and light alu hex wheel-hubs
  • Large durable white rear wing
  • High quality ball-bearings and fasteners
  • Strong nylon body mounts with fine tuning nuts

Serpent F110 F1 Specs:

  • Wheelbase: 270mm
  • Length: 415mm
  • Width front: 180 with rubber
  • Width rear: 180 with rubber
  • Part: 410060

Serpent F110 F1 Pictures:

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  1. Hendricks

    Very slick!

  2. Defan

    Whats with serpent never including bodies wheels and tires?

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