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Serpent Cobra Nitro Buggy RTR

Serpent Cobra Buggy RTRAfter a long wait, Serpent has finally revealed the full details on their new 1/8th scale RTR Cobra Nitro Buggy. At the heart of this beast is a powerful Novarossi pull start engine with a polished tuned exhaust pipe. Other features include a 2.4Ghz Dragon RC radio system with LCD screen and easy to navigate menu, 7075 T6 aluminum chassis, dual fiber disk brake system, 4mm anodized shock mounts and beautiful threaded big bore shocks.


Chassis platein 3mm 7075 T6 aluminum , with machined pockets to create flex make lighter. Kick-up angle on front for stable landings. Countersunk holes. Slots to locate the front and rear suspension mounts precisely. Angled sides to increase stiffness.

Side guards
Strong composite side guards keep most of the dirt out and offer good protection for the valuable gear inside. The side guards also double act as side stiffeners and influence the flex of the chassis overall.

Aligned with chassis kick-up for precise landings and to protect front suspension holde rand anti-roll bar.

Chassis stiffeners
Composite stiffer front and rear, to give extra stiffness, but still allow some flex as needed for extra traction.#

Central radio / servo mount
Composite compact composite radio box which offers good space for the steering and throttle,-brake servo, the receiver and the receiver battery. The whole assembly including linkages can be taken off easily and fast in one go, when cleaning the car, or doing maintenance.

Central low dual brake system
The Cobra features a low positioned dual brake system with lightweight fiberglass disks with spring loaded race-brake pads. Very effective stopping power.

Serpent selected the Novarossi pull start engine for the Cobra buggy. The outstanding quality level, high performance, combined with easy starting and long lasting run time, makes this engine the ideal partner to start racing. Novarossi also offers a special backplate in case you change to a bump start system later, so you can continue with the same engine even longer! The engine is mounted securely on machined aluminium engine mounts.

Polished tuned pipe system
The DragonRC polished inline tuned pipe system works really well with the Novarossi engine and produces a sharp and powerful tune. Fire it up !

The famous Serpent off road clutch in 3 shoe version has the right setting for smooth performance, but when you hit the throttle hard it will accelerate the Cobra like crazy.

Air filter
The foam dual action air filter sits very low in the car, and snug fits tight next to the fuel tank. The large opening in the body for refueling will also allow enough air getting to the filter

Steering blocks assembly
Composite steering blocks combined with 10 dgr C-hubs for precise steering. Black hard steel wheel-axles with large size bearings , precision threaded aluminum wheel-hubs with offset and aluminum wheel nuts.

Front suspension
Durable oversize lower suspension arms in strong composite nylon. On the lower side the special shaped downstops screws are mounted. The lower shock-mounting pins are secured with a small grubscrew from the bottom, so they wont drop out.

Front anti-roll bar
The ballraced front anti-roll bar system, consist of a spring steel bend wire, which is guided through the diff-cases and runs in ballraced steel adapters. The wire is linked to the lower suspension arm, with a captured adjustable threaded pivotball, for very precise and low friction operation and easy tuning.

Shock tower and body mounts front
4.0mm thick aluminum anodized shock tower with 3 upper positioning holes for the shocks and and 3 holes for roll-center positions. 1 centrally located adjustable body mount , and 2 forward mounted adjustable body mounts.

Angled steering system / servo saver
The bell cranks are angled to reduce the angle of difference between the total caster and steering plane. Therefore you will have less bump steer and a truer steering Ackerman through the entire range of suspension

Ackermann plate aluminum
With the design of the steering bell cranks when changing the Ackermann you will not need to adjust your steering tie rods. You simply will only need to adjust your end points on your radio..

Rear suspension arms
Durable longer oversized lower suspension arms in strong composite nylon. On the lower side the special down stops screws are mounted. The lower shock-mounting pins are secured with a small grub screw from the bottom.

Optional are the composite mud guards, which can mount to the lower suspension arms, and will keep dirt away from your anti-roll bars transmission and wheels.

Rear uprights assembly
Composite uprights with 3 upper roll-center positions. Strong steel track-rods with L/R threading and strong ball joints to pre-set camber. Hard steel wheel-axles with large size bearings and larger inner ones with precision threaded aluminum wheel-hubs with offset, and alu wheel nuts.

Rear anti-roll bar
The ball raced front anti-roll bar system, consist of a spring steel bend wire, which is guided through the rear wing mount and runs in ball raced steel adapters. The wire is linked to the lower suspension arm, with a captured adjustable threaded pivot ball, for very precise and low friction operation.

Shock tower rear
4.0mm thick carbon shock tower, integrated into the rear section for extra stiffness, with 3 upper positioning holes for the shocks and 3 holes for roll-center positions.

Wing mount and body mounts rear
Composite rear wing, with strong nylon adjustable rear body mounts on wide body-support bridge located far enough to the rear, to support the bodies in best way.

Captured pivot pins and balls and bolted hinge pins
All hardsteel hinge pins are either captured or bolted in place. This relieves stress on the hinge pin when adjusting the kick up, or anti squat. Your pin is free to rotate to any angle without binding.

Shock absorbers RCM big-bore 16mm
Anodizedthreaded aluminum shock bodies with durable 4mm shock-rods. Pre-load adjusters with o-rings inside for ride height setting. Shocks use large diameter membranes and large diameter o-rings and bushings to create a super smooth and leak-proof package. Large diameter pistons are held in place by a nut on the polished shock-rods tops. Open type spring retainer to let dirt out easy.

RCM shock springs
Color codedprogressive shock springs are supplied for the 1st standard set-up and all springs are grinded flat top and bottom, and checked individually for tension and length and matched.

Compact gear differentials
Very compact gear differentials with very smooth metal sintered gears, and steel shaft. Perfect sealing case with special gasket and o-rings. Very light and durable outdrive cups in spring-steel. Hardened spring-steel diff-coupler 13T with connector running in 2 oversized bearings The Cobra uses a 13T / 44T combo gearing. 48T central diff gear, combined with 13T clutchbell. This drive ratio will provide amazing acceleration combined with the low vehicle weight.

Front and rear drive
The front has captured driveshafts using a CVD system. The rear has durable black steel driveshafts with hard steel pins.

Hard black steel transmission parts
The front and rear strong hard black steel cardan shafts connect the differentials .

Serpent cab forward Avenger Cobra buggy body, fully pre-painted in a very attractive design and pre-cut too. The very sleek body has excellent handling, also super in jumps.

Rear wing
Low version strong rear white aero rear wing is included for great downforce and straight line stability.

Tires and wheels
The Cobra is fitted with premounted DragonRC buggy racing tyres. The tyres are glued on durable but flexible DragonRC race-wheels with molded cell-foam inserts. A super-package for excellent grip on the most common surfaces.

Transmitter and receiver
The DragonRC pistol type transmitter comes with a nice large LCD screen, which makes is easy to select through the easy menu’s. The small and light receiver is fitted inside the radio box of the car.

Serpent Cobra RTR Features:

  • Race ready high performance gas powered 1/8 scale buggy
  • Expert pre-assembled and pre-set
  • Includes powerful Novarossi pull start engine (made in Italy)
  • 4wd with cardan shafts,
  • 3 compact and durable gear diffs
  • 3-shoe racing clutch
  • Machined aluminum engine mount
  • Central low double brake system
  • Unique angled steering system
  • 16mm big bore shocks
  • Ball raced anti-roll bars FR and RR
  • 7075 T6 Aluminum shock tower FR and RR
  • 3mm heavy duty chassis with kick-up
  • Durable suspension and transmission parts
  • Captured suspension pins
  • Dragon-RC pistol type transmitter 2.4 GHz with large LCD screen
  • Dragon-RC 10.5kg strong servo’s with metal gears
  • Dragon-RC high grip premounted race tires and wheels
  • DragonRC polished inline tuned pipe system
  • Pre-painted and precut Avenger Cobra body shell and large nylon rear wing
  • Fully upgradable to full race spec, as all parts of the Cobra race buggy fit

Serpent Cobra RTR Specs:

  • Wheelbase: 330mm
  • Width: 305mm
  • Weight: 3500 grams
  • Part: 600003

Serpent Cobra RTR Pictures:

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