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Serpent 747 1/10 Nitro Touring Car Revealed

Serpent recently announced a new 1/10 scale 4WD R/C touring car, dubbed the Serpent 747, featuring a host of new features as well a new lighter chassis.

Focus points for this development stage was to achieve a wider sweet spot, combined with lower weight and further improved performance, and keep a very strong car as before.

At 1st glance the car may look very similar to the 733-TE, but in reality around 50% of the car is new. New key features include:

-3mm chassis with symmetrical machining for flex reasons, with more options to play with flex and weight-inserts.
-Flex-control system front with new radio plate; the 747 keeps the rear flex control system with alu, rubber or no connectors at all
-Lighter gear diff with new case and new gears using 3.5mm shaft
-Wider front lower bumper with aero dynamic effects, and option to cut out parts to influence aero effects
-Lighter front and rear brackets and middle shaft holder
-Improved front geometry with new upper wishbones
-Improved rear geometry with new arms and uprights
-Light competition type receiver holder and servo-holders below the new Carbon radio-tray
-Lighter brake-disk
-True Motion Centax clutch and light SL6 gearbox
-RCM shock absorbers with membrane

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