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Sees Aluminum Clod Buster Wheels Ad

Sees Aluminum Clod Buster Wheels AdSees Aluminum Clod Buster Wheels AdIf you want to add some real bling to your Tamiya Clod Buster, there is no greater upgrade than a set of aluminum wheels. Back in the 80s and 90s there were just a handful of manufacturers that offered aluminum wheels for the Clod. Those included JPS, Tecnacraft, and Sees. Above is an advertisement for the wheel choices Sees offered for the Clod including the Hole Style, Hole Style with anodized gold, Directional Spoke and the Champion 500. Sees also offered wheels for the Tamiya Blackfoot and many other RC cars and trucks. While Sees has since gone of business, you can still find their wheels for sale on various RC car forums and ebay. Other manufacturers, such as RC4WD have also begun producing aluminum wheels for the Clod and other vehicles.

“Now there’s a completely new style of Sees wheels for your truck or car…the Champion 500 series. With simulated lug nugs, wheel rivits and lightening holes, these one-piece aluminum wheels are about as scale as they come. And like all Sees wheels, they’re precision made on computerized equipment for the lowest weight, highest strength, most accurate concentricity…and best looks.”


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