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Home Offroad RC Schumacher Cougar KF2 Buggy

Schumacher Cougar KF2 Buggy

Schumacher Cougar KF2 BuggyThe championship winning Schumacher Cougar KF Buggy gets updated for 2015! The new Schumacher Cougar KF2 features a new adjustable motor position for optimum weight distribution on high or low grip tracks. Among the KF2’s many other refinements is an all new black alloy chassis, new body, alloy chassis stiffeners, new lightweight side gears and new quad pad vented slipper unit. These and other exciting features make the new Schumacher KF2 more reliable, easier to work on and above all, faster! See more pictures and features after the break.


  • New Rear pivot straps that includes Anti-Squat and Inboard Toe-In options, two toe-in options in the kit with roll center adjustment.
  • New Dual motor position in the kit, by changing to the included low grip top deck and belt, forward and rearward motor position can be achieved, giving 21mm shift.
  • New Super consistent, industry leading QUAD pad, vented slipper with easy access and new Ultra Fine adjustment spring.
  • New 2.5mm Black Hard Anodized Alloy chassis.
  • New Alloy Chassis Stiffeners, no front top deck for easier radio access/installation.
  • New Simplified Motor Mount with increased cooling.
  • New Fully optimized suspension geometry – Fast, consistent handling.
  • New Pro Ball studs for 2mm hex.
  • New Updated steering assembly for less play and easier use.
  • New Optional fan mount for improved cooling under high load conditions.
  • New Lightweight, narrower side gears for increased efficiency.
  • New AirFlo Cab body shell for improved looks and handling.
  • New Updated Pro spec 13mm big bore shocks with titanium nitride shafts, CNC machined 3 hole, 1.6mm rear and 1.5mm front pistons with recessed e-clips, threaded collars, with twin O ring sealing and diaphragm volume compensation.
  • New Shock Seal Pack Housing with added ‘O’ ring sealing.
  • New CORE RC Springs, in the box!
  • New Layshaft side mount with increased stability and rigidity for the spur, with improved tolerance.
  • New Quick Release Layshaft.
  • Long front wishbones – Improved corner speed and super safe handling.
  • Horizontally split transmission housings for easy diff access and maintenance.
  • Strong front steering hub, with fine ‘Kwik Klip’ adjustment.
  • Lightweight side gears to rotate the motor in the same direction as the wheels. Gives excellent jump control and stability.
  • Single belt transmission with efficient low tension Bando belts running on large CNC machined pulleys, gives super smooth, quick acceleration.
  • 12mm Hex Wheels with clean look and industry standard offset.
  • Molded side pods for superb dirt protection. Fantastic dirt seal with no handling compromise.
  • Hi-Tensile, revised style silver turnbuckles.
  • Gear Differential with hardened steel gears and super hard outputs. Excellent Diff Life! Optional ball diff available.
  • Maximum dimension wing. Superb airflow control and maximum downforce.
  • Central motor layout offers superb cornering on high grip tracks.
  • Front & Rear, Shock Nut Guards. Look Cool and Protect your car and the track from damage.


  • Length: 395mm
  • Wheelbase: 285mm
  • Width: 250mm
  • K155 – Cougar KF2 Kit – $470
  • K156 – Cougar KF2 Assembled – $520


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