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Schumacher Cat K1 Adjustable Front Brake Kit

Schumacher Cat K1 Adjustable Front Brake Kit PicturesNew from Schumacher Racing is the FAB Front Adjustable Brake Set for the Cat K1 4wd Buggy. The Schumacher Cat FAB system is just taht, it allows you to adjust the amount of braking force that is sent to the buggy’s front wheels via the pressure pads controlled by tightening the external side nut. Completely tight the car operates full time four wheel braking, fully backed off it acts like a one way layshaft. Adjustment allows proportional control of front braking allowing you to tune the cars handling to all race tracks and driving styles.

Schumacher Cat K1 FAB Specs:

  • Part: U4133
  • Price: $58 (approx)

Schumacher Cat K1 FAB Pictures:

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