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Schumacher Announces New Mi5 Touring Car

Schumacher Mi5 Touring CarThe all new Mi5 from Schumacher lifts the R/C touring car scene to a whole new dimension. This superbly engineered race car is equipped with some revolutionary design features that enable the racer total flexibility for both carpet and asphalt tracks. The Mi5 R/C touring car has an ultra low center of gravity which gives the car fantastic corner speed capability. Combined with the radical vertical top deck the Mi5 achieves both a responsive and nimble feel, yet is forgiving and consistent to drive. The major highlights of the package include, the first Schumacher designed touring car geared differential, fully in-line mounted motor and servo, lightweight low center of gravity Carbon Fiber wishbones, perfect Ackerman steering rack and micro castor pivot system. The Mi5 chassis offers excellent balance and poise, with an extremely wide window of set up, enabling drivers of all levels to easily achieve the best results from the car.

The Mi5 offers class leading flex technology. One of the key design features the Schumacher R&D team wanted to incorporate was the longest uninterrupted flex possible. This has now been achieved with a hugely long top deck from center of diff to center of diff. The top deck is mounted vertically for perfect flex characteristics. It is free to flex without interruption and not sheer flex like most other touring car designs. The motor mount is mounted directly to the center line of the chassis. Underneath the mount there is a small gap so to not affect the symmetrical nature of the chassis flex.

The Mi5 offers innovative design. The mew micro caster block is lighter than traditional designs and allows the hub to run on bearings for a super smooth and precise steering action with no binding. The Mi5 offers full future proof adjustability. By using carbon fiber pieces on the front and rear hubs the Mi5 can be tuned easily, requiring no new expensive molded parts.

The Mi5 offers full future proof adjustability. Just like the hubs by using carbon fiber pieces for the wishbones the Mi5 can be tuned easily, rear toe in is adjusted by changing the carbon fiber wishbone piece. The carbon fiber wishbone also allows the shock to be mounted 5.5mm below the center line lowering the center of gravity considerably as the shock tower can then become lower. The Mi5 is so easy to use! The new roll bar mounting systems makes tweaking the roll bar so it is equal each side very easy. Just adjust with a 2mm driver.

The Mi5 includes as standard for the first time in a Schumacher kit an all new gear diff. Precision manufactured to the highest quality with double sealed casing for less oil leakage. All new lightweight spool machined to the minimum for super light weight.

Mid Motor Mount
With the addition of two Speed Secret belts the Mi5 can be turned into a mid motored touring car. Using a mid motor gives more rear end traction and better rotation on tight hairpins on carpet circuits. For those that race in the rain it could also be a great tuning aid.

Schumacher Mi5 Features:

  • New vertically mounted, ultra long top deck offers super linear flex characteristics.
  • New lightweight carbon fibre wishbones for optimum stiffness.
  • New simple pivot ball system for wishbone mounting and easy roll centre adjustment.
  • New single piece motor/layshaft mount, centrally mounted to the chassis for perfect flex control.
  • New simple 3 point mounted ball raced steering rack for super smooth linear steering.
  • New single piece, centrally mounted, alloy/cf CNC servo and steering mount, for maximum stiffness in the steering system, and minimal impact on chassis flex.
  • New micro 4 deg caster pivot gives super low centre of gravity and super smooth ball raced steering action with optional 6° available.
  • New below arm shock mounting gives a low centre of gravity shock whilst keeping the same shock travel.
  • New chassis mounted droop screws for decreased unsprung weight.
  • New Schumacher lightweight gear diff.
  • New ultra lightweight front spool.
  • New shape lightweight foam bumper and chassis mounted mouldings.
  • New anti roll bars in 0.1mm increments.
  • New optional servo saver.
  • New LiPo retention mouldings.
  • New ball joint design for 2.0mm hex drivers.
  • New ball cup design with adjustment hole.
  • New 2 piece shock cap, for easier shock build.
  • New precision matched shock springs.
  • Optional Mid Motor conversion available, for extra high agility handling.
  • Aerospace carbon fibre 2.5mm soft weave chassis and components throughout.
  • Extreme lightweight alloy transmission housings.
  • CNC alloy, 20 tooth layshaft pulley.
  • Single sided layshaft mounting with quick release layshaft design for ease of maintenance.
  • Stiff 3mm shock towers with optimised shock positions.
  • Carbon fibre upper link design with options to adjust roll centres.
  • Anti-roll bar mounts with precise vernier adjustment to minimise play.
  • “O” ring retained alloy wheel hexes.
  • Fully adjustable, suspension geometry, wheelbase, caster, camber, roll centre, ackerman, droop, anti-dive, anti-squat, front toe in/out, ride height and much more.
  • Efficient transmission with twin bando belts and precision CNC pulleys.
  • Alloy eccentric adjusters for optimum belt tension.
  • Quick release front and rear entry diffs to leave chassis structure intact when removing diffs for maintenance.
  • Ultra smooth nickel-teflon plated threaded alloy shock absorbers for extreme smoothness and durability.
  • Dedicated front & rear, reverse cup, high tensile steel, CVD driveshafts.
  • Differential and spool plastic insert “sliders”. Offer a lightweight, efficient driveshaft interface.
  • Speed secret parts available to fine tune to all track conditions.
  • Adjustable front steering hubs with optional carbon fibre parts.
  • Adjustable rear hub carriers with optional carbon fibre parts.
  • Black alloy M3 nuts.
  • Lightweight black alloy washers throughout.
  • Alloy front kingpins.
  • Front to rear, 3 position, cell LiPo adjustment for fine tuning weight distribution.
  • Quick release alloy layshaft fence for quick release diff and belt removal.
  • Top adjustable lightweight roll bar sockets and links.

Schumacher Mi5 Specs:

  • Length: 300mm
  • Wheelbase: 285mm
  • Width: 250mm
  • Availability: May 2013
  • K137 – Schumacher Mi5 Kit – $580 (approx)
  • K138 – Shcumacher Mi5 Assembled – $625 (approx)

Schumacher Mi5 Pictures:

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