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RPM SC10B, SC10.2, T4.2 FT Front A-Arms

RPM SC10B, SC10.2, T4.2 FT Front A-ArmsThe Team Associated SC10B, SC10.2 and T4.2 Factory Team off-road vehicles all feature new gull wing style front a-arms. Word from RPM is that many customers have been complaining about the durability of the new design. That’s why RPM is releasing their own straight a-arm design replacement! The new design features a dropped lower shock mounting position to retain the stock suspension geometry while increasing durability.

To help improve overall durability, RPM also focused their attention on the hinge pin retainers. The stock set-up uses a small screw placed next to the hinge pin, relying on the head of the screw to keep the hinge pin in place. This screw hole adds a weak spot on the A-arms. The new RPM A-arms eliminate that screw in favor of an in-line screw to keep the hinge pin in place thus increasing the durability of our A-arms even further.

Lastly, RPM has removed as much slop from the A-arms as possible. They found as much as .005″ of slop in the stock a-arms at each hinge pin hole. That equates to camber, caster and toe angle settings that will not hold true to their settings. That is no longer an issue with RPM A-arms. Each hinge pin hole is a perfect fit, with less than .001″ of clearance for optimal suspension settings.

Note: These RPM a-arms are compatible with the T4.2 Factory Team, but not the T4.2 RS.


  • Availability: November 20th
  • 73512 – SC10B, SC10.2, T4.2FT RPM Front A-arms Black – $11
  • 73515 – SC10B, SC10.2, T4.2FT RPM Front A-arms Blue – $11


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