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Rogue Element RC10 Classic Aluminum Wheels

Rogue Element RC10 Classic Aluminum WheelsSo you just picked up your new RC10 Classic and are looking to deck it out with all the vintage upgrades you can get your hands on, but there is one problem, they are impossible to find. Thanks to the guys at Rogue Element, you have one less part to search for with the release of their new RC10 aluminum wheels! Shaped just like the stock plastic wheels, these two piece wheels are machined from high strength T6 aluminum and accept the stock tires, inserts and screws. Even better, they include a set of matching aluminum knockoffs too! As with everything Rogue Element makes, these are being built on a very limited basis so if you’re interested get your order in now. 


  • Release Date:  December 20th
  • Price: $120 (set of four)


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