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Home Offroad RC Reds Racing R5T .21 Team Edition 3.0 Nitro Engine

Reds Racing R5T .21 Team Edition 3.0 Nitro Engine

Reds Racing R5T .21 Team Edition 3.0 Nitro Engine Reds Racing introduces the new RT5 Team Edition 3.0 off-road nitro engine! Features include a new HCX horizontal carburetor, updated cooling head design, lightweight silicone filled and balanced crankshaft, 5 port sleeve with exhaust port booster, RDC hard coated back plate and ceramic ball bearings. Each Reds R5T Team Edition engine is hand built and tested before leaving the factory. Check out the rest of the specs and pictures after the jump!

The R5T is equipped with the new HCX – Horizontal Carb. The revolutionary carb features a differently positioned top end needle, rather than pointing diagonally upwards, it is now horizontally positioned much lower down. HCX Horizontal carb main features: higher idle stability, more precise tuning, easier access to high speed needle, higher mid/top range power.

Long Stroke
The R5T is extremely light! With 348 grams of weight is one of the lightest engines in its class. The engine has been completely redesigned to save even further weight, maintaining high performance and reliability.

R5T crankshaft is surprisingly strong and reliable thanks to our special steel and heat treatment. It is balanced with two high density material weights. Our special silicone filling reduces the inertia to rotation.

High performance ball bearings
The engine comes with all Swiss Made ceramic ball bearings.

Diamond backplate
Refined with a special anti-friction hard coating RDC. This coating allows to decrease conrod-backplate friction improving engine efficiency and performance.

5 ports and boosters
The ABC sleeve configuration guarantees high power at each RPM and low fuel consumption. Our flat piston, made from a high strength aluminium bar, is a true masterpiece of engineering.

Handmade tuned and assembled by Mario Rossi

All parts are matched, measured by Mario Rossi within certain tolerances, hand built by him personally. The engine leaves our factory with a hand inspection of all components and compression is checked.


  • RDC backplate
  • Hand balanced and modified crank by Mario Rossi
  • Ultra-light, only 348g;
  • 5 Ports hard chromed liner;
  • CNC machined billet piston;
  • New separated and cooled combustion chamber;
  • Lightweight cooling head;
  • 14mm crankshaft;
  • Knife edged aerodynamic connecting rod;
  • All Swiss Made ball bearings;
  • New long needle composite slide carburetor.
  • Mario Rossi signed Certificate of Authenticity


  • Displacement: 3.5 cc
  • Bore: 16.26 mm
  • Stroke: 16.80 mm
  • Weight: 348 g
  • Front Bearing Dim: 7x19x6
  • Rear Bearing Dim: 15×25.4×6
  • Part: R5TTE3
  • Price: $430


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