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RDRP Team Associated B64 Brass Suspension Mounts

RDRP Team Associated B64 Brass Suspension MountsRevolution Design Racing Products continues to roll out their line of B64 upgrades. The new RDRP Brass Suspension Mounts for the Team Associated B64 RC buggies are a direct replacement for the kit’s lightweight parts. They add valuable weight especially when running in high-traction conditions or when the track is getting bumpier. Machined from black-coated brass and sporting gold color chamfered edges the parts weigh in at 14g for the A LRC mount, 13g for the B LRC mount, 14g for the C mount and 15g for the D mount which shifts the weight bias further to the front or rear of the buggy, depending on the location of the brass hangers. Using the front A and B brass mounts will result in an easier to drive buggy while the rear C and D mounts add traction out of and rotation into corners. Using the brass suspension mounts all-round will add valuable weight when running on very bumpy and/or grippy tracks. All mounts were designed to work with the original #92014 arm mount inserts and they are best used in pairs at the front or the rear.


  • RDRP0412 – B64 Brass Suspension Mount A LRC
  • RDRP0413 – B64 Brass Suspension Mount B LRC
  • RDRP0414 – B64 Brass Suspension Mount C LRC
  • RDRP0415 – B64 Brass Suspension Mount D LRC


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